What can the iAwake Experience do for you?

•  Experience deep meditation quickly
•  Evolve and deepen your spiritual life
•  Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
•  Increase your creativity
•  Deepen compassion for yourself and others



Strong Medicine

10 Minutes

Theta Power Meditation




10 Minutes

Optimize your brain



Audio Serenity

10 Minutes

Digital vacation for healing



Digital Euphoria

10 Minutes

Space music soundtrack for altered states of consciousness


HeartWave Meditation™

10 Minutes

Heart-opening relaxation

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A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress and Anxiety

Very powerful track. First time I heard it was while working on my computer. It was so powerful I had to stop and lie down to be able to contain the blissful sensations. A little like taking MDMA. 🙂  ~ David

Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology

I’m really impressed. This series seems deeper, richer, and more clarifying than ever. I was feeling pretty tired today, and trying to muster the energy to continue talking to clients. I listened to Deep Euphoria for 10 minutes and felt a clear shift in my mood. I felt energised and ready for the day. Fantastic stuff!  ~ Samuel Henry

Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

You are really, really on to a major breakthrough in meditation with this HeartWave. Wow. When I meditate with these tracks, I feel the energy in my heart moving and swirling. I am able to stay in my heart for most of the day.

 And the other day, during my group meditation practice, because of listening to these audios earlier in the day, I was able to not fall asleep. I am astounded at how much love I feel when listening to these audios. The hands of the divine are all over them!!  ~ Daniel Peebles

4 Powerful Brain Tools to Optimize Your Day

What I love about Neurohacks is that they are very short yet very potent, and are a great introduction to using brainwave entrainment for those new to it. I have recommended Neurohacks to friends, family, colleagues and my therapy and coaching clients, for this very reason.  ~ Jamie Vasilyan, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Meditation Instructor www.hypnointegral.co.uk

Theta Power Meditation

… it seems that slowly, on the back end, this track does the work of cleaning the soul deep within.   ~ Roberto


Profound Meditation Program 3.0

This is our flagship, foundational meditation program. The innovative, science-based iNET process embedded within the Profound Meditation Program interacts with your brainwaves and biofield to immerse you in deep states of meditation.

The complete program includes Primary Meditation Tiers 1-3, Releasing Meditation, Gamma & HyperGamma Meditation, and Epsilon Meditation (6 CDs/Downloads).

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John Dupuy, CEO