Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology



Testimonial - Samuel

"I’m really impressed. This series seems deeper, richer, and more clarifying than ever. I was feeling pretty tired today, and trying to muster the energy to continue talking to clients. I listened to Deep Euphoria for 10 minutes and felt a clear shift in my mood. I felt energised and ready for the day. Fantastic stuff!"


Testimonial - Brian

"While listening in a 'meditative way' (just listening), I could feel a chi rush in arms, legs, and abdomen which felt identical to having acupuncture treatments. I have also experienced much more focused strength training sessions, achieving both more repetitions and shorter workout time."


How Digital Euphoria Can Help You...

Digital Euphoria is one of iAwake’s classic albums with powerful musical scores that entrain the brain to synchronous beta (track 1), synchronous alpha and beta (track 2) and synchronous gamma (track 3). It also uses iAwake’s pioneering biofield, or subtle energy, technology, and has been used with great success over the years with those suffering from the blues, or deeper, more clinical depression.

Digital Euphoria is a wonderful tool to help us befriend our interior spaces and get in touch with our deepest self, where we experience our big Self and the unitive nature of reality—all the things the mystics have been telling us about for years.

From these profound interior experiences, profound breakthroughs can happen in our creativity and performance, in work or play.


John Dupuy
CEO/Founder of iAwake Technologies

iAwake's Leading-Edge Spiritual & Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Neuroscience has learned more about the human brain in the last few years than in the previous 5,000. We’ve discovered that the brain is capable of growth and transformation throughout our lives, and has the capacity to keep functioning at ever-higher levels.

In addition to increasing intelligence, creativity, flow, and skillfulness in practically any activity that requires the human body-mind, with iAwake Technologies, we enter into deep, healing brainwave states almost immediately.

Digital Euphoria’s unique approach to session design entrains our nervous system and our subtle energy system, by combining traditional entrainment methods with newer applications based on the power of resonance.

Digital Euphoria features a number of unique neural entrainment methodologies, including: Dual-Pulse Binaural Signals, Dual Box X Signals, Harmonic Layering, and Frequency Modulation

How Does Digital Euphoria Compare to Traditional Meditation?

Listening to our audio tracks is not a replacement for traditional meditation -- rather, it is a way of enhancing your meditation practice.

You might wonder, is it “cheating” to use this technology? But if you think about it, that would mean that riding a bicycle rather than walking is “cheating.”

We recommend using Digital Euphoria  in conjunction with your preferred meditation technique because we believe this technology makes meditation not only easier and more enjoyable, but also more efficient and effective.

The Digital Euphoria Experience

Under the surface, multiple layers of audible and inaudible tones, frequencies, and energies work synergistically with your brain, opening up new neural pathways, nudging existing ones, and facilitating profound coherence in your system.

It’s a pleasant audio experience, but it’s not like music or even white noise. (Don't worry, there are no new-agey harps or synthesizers that get boring.)

People say the overall experience feels psycho-active, like gradually entering a deeper dimension of awareness.

Like exercise equipment at the gym, iAwake technology gives your brain a gentle workout, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed, providing coherence in the OUTER, so you can master the INNER.

And, it gets better the more you use it.

Listen to the 5-minute sample below.

Don’t be fooled – this is not just an intriguing and dynamic soundtrack – it is the design and technology infused in the soundtrack that evokes a visioning and relaxation response.

What Makes Digital Euphoria   Unique



Let your light shine from the inside out

Digital Euphoria  works just as its name indicates, to help us experience states of deep euphoria, so necessary for human health and happiness.



 Move out of low energy states with ease

Digital Euphoria  is excellent to help us move through and lift the clouds of depression and/or grief.



Experience a profound, long-lasting, ultra-healthy, DRUG-FREE HIGH

Digital Euphoria  will get you high in a way that is absolutely safe, with no down sides. It can also be used to facilitate other types of shamanic experience.



Enjoy increased productivity and energy

States of depression and/or states of stuckness and creative blocks can negatively impact us in all sorts of ways. Digital Euphoria  helps you find and inhabit your bliss and share that in your own unique way.



Get “dialed in” for peak performance

Digital Euphoria  is a set of precise frequencies associated with the brainwave patterns and energetic signatures of euphoria, endorphins, serotonin and Chi—similar to the famed “runner’s high.” It facilitates getting into the zone and flow states.



Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology

Here's a summary of what you'll receive:


01 Deep Euphoria
(20 minutes) entrains to synchronous beta

02 Deeper Euphoria
(20 minutes) entrains to synchronous alpha/beta

03 Deepest Euphoria
(30 minutes) entrains to gamma

1) 3 tracks (total of 70 minutes)

2) Tracks accessible on the free iAwake Technologies app for iOS and Android

3) Downloadable audio files available in MP3 and WAV formats

4) User Guide (downloadable PDF)

5) Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)

Total of 3 tracks (70 minutes)

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John Dupuy, CEO