I think that (HeartWave Meditation™) is the future of meditation products.  ~ Scott Marshall

HeartWave Meditation™

Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

The HeartWave Meditation™  contains very powerful frequencies specifically arranged to speak the language of the Heart. One of our most beloved set of tracks.

You are really, really on to a major breakthrough in meditation with this HeartWave. Wow. When I meditate with these tracks, I feel the energy in my heart moving and swirling. I am able to stay in my heart for most of the day.

 And the other day, during my group meditation practice, because of listening to these audios earlier in the day, I was able to not fall asleep. I am astounded at how much love I feel when listening to these audios. The hands of the divine are all over them!!  ~ Daniel Peebles

Listen to the 3-Minute Sample Now

Use of headphones will provide the most optimal experience, but are not required.
To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax for the next 3 minutes. Allow the ambient music soundtrack to immerse you in an experience of relaxed presence.

Don’t be fooled – this is not just beautiful music – it is the design and technology infused in the soundtrack that evokes the awareness and relaxed focus.

The unique formula of HeartWave Meditation™  is designed to facilitate opening your heart’s innate compassion and to support you in experiencing:

  • Calming of the mind
  • Emotional release
  • Opening of the heart
  • Fully feeling one’s feelings
  • Deeper intuition
  • Heightened creativity
  • Your heart’s inmost wisdom and discernment

HeartWave Meditation™  may also benefit:

  • Releasing stress
  • Heightened physical and mental well-being
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Profound movie and music experience (when played soundlessly)

Most effective with headphones
Most effective with headphones
Can be used with speakers
Can be used with speakers
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural •  psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural • psychacoustic • panning, etc.

Additional Info


Full package includes:

  • 3 tracks (20-minutes each for a total of 60 minutes)
  • Tracks accessible on the free iAwake Technologies app for iOS and Android
  • Downloadable audio files available in MP3 and WAV formats
  • User Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)
  • 1 optional CD*

*CD orders are handled by a CD fulfillment company and shipped from fulfillment centers located in the United States. Orders outside of the United States have an estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

The Story of the Development of HeartWave Meditation™  from the creator, Eric Thompson

When I first began integrating the use of brainwave entrainment technology into my meditation practice, I started noticing results right away. I began to see that its potential seemed to hold greater things than had ever been realized up to that point, so I eventually began developing my own proprietary form of brainwave entrainment. With the help of my business partners, John Dupuy and Pam Parsons Dupuy, iAwake Technologies was formed.

Even though I grew and healed in so many ways through the use of brainwave entrainment, I would still experience recurring periods of depression and emotional struggle. I was aware at this time, though, that an emerging science (as well as teachings from certain wisdom traditions) was pointing to the reality that the heart—and not the brain—is the true center of our being. I learned that:

  1. During the development of the fetus, the heart forms and starts beating before the brain even starts to develop.
  2. The electromagnetic field created by the heart is many times larger and more powerful than that created by the brain.
  3. The heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.
  4. Coherent rhythms are capable of entraining brainwave rhythms to those of profound well-being, in oneself as well as in others.
  5. Positive emotions improve the brain’s decision-making ability and even positively influence our DNA.
  6. The communication between the heart and the brain affects emotions, perceptions, and higher mental processes.
  7. Coherent heart rhythms significantly boost creativity and real-world problem-solving.

Around this time two significant developments occurred in my life:

  1. As part of my evolving meditation practice, I was initiated into a meditative tradition that, in addition to incorporating the elements of sustained mindfulness and insight, also included a deep immersion into the reality of heart-melting compassion and the ecstatic bliss of Samadhi.
  2. I became ever more immersed in the scientific research and practical use of subtle energy. This led to my development and integration of biofield technology into our work here at iAwake Technologies. This aspect of our work involves digitally capturing very real subtle energies, amplifying them many times, and embedding them into our various programs to aid meditation and peak mental states.

These two developments—a heart-centered/compassion-centered spiritual practice and the creation of ultra-coherence in my immediate environment (through the use of the biofield technology)—initiated in me what had been missing from using the brainwave entrainment by itself: A profound and growing inner coherence, poise, resilience, and happiness that just keeps growing to this day. In fact, after more than 20 years of recurring bipolar mania and depression, not only have I been absolutely depression-free for two years, but the inner and outer growth is still ongoing. I still experience trials daily, but things just keep getting better and better.

During this immense period of growth, I have been intent on combining the inner technology of the heart with the outer technology of subtle energetic coherence to create a numinous technology of the heart that speaks the language of the heart, and thereby entrains not only the heart, but the brain and the entire human energetic system as well.

The HeartWave Meditation™  technology uses a new form of technology that is completely different from conventional brainwave entrainment. There are no binaural beats, no isochronic beats, and no monaural beats. It does not require the use of headphones in order to be effective, though their use will significantly enhance your experience of the technology.

When using it, some people may first notice that the brain seems to be most affected, and others may have more of a heart-centered experience. Your experience of the technology will evolve the more you use it, but the technology is always speaking the language of the heart as well as that of the brain and the entire energetic system.

The unique signals in the HeartWave Meditation™  technology are designed to evoke greater coherence in both the physical and energetic aspects of the heart. They help open up your capacity to access your heart’s innate compassion and deepest wisdom and discernment. They help you feel your feelings more fully, and thus prevent emotional dysfunction and the limiting of your higher potential that so often result from emotional repression and suppression.

Because the heart’s capacity to facilitate profound states of peace and calm are so much greater than that of the brain, the HeartWave Meditation™  technology helps quiet the chattering mind very quickly. In fact, you should begin to notice a significant quieting of the mind in just the first two or three minutes of using the HeartWave Meditation™. With conventional brainwave entrainment, it takes at least six minutes or so to entrain the brain, but because we are using the much more powerful language of the heart, you’ll typically notice the calming effects of the HeartWave Meditation™  in a much shorter period of time.

And because of the heart’s significant relationship to deeper intuition, creativity, and increased resourcefulness, the HeartWave Meditation™  technology can help you naturally access and express more of your innate genius and potential in a world that needs it.

I’d like to thank you for your interest in the HeartWave Meditation™  technology, as well as your support for iAwake Technologies if you’ve used any of our other programs. I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience of this technology immensely, especially since all it really does is help you experience more of your own infinite heart potential. So, please keep in touch with us and let us know how the HeartWave Meditation™  is helping you.

How to Use

Download the iAwake App

First, download the FREE iAwake App, login with your email, and all your tracks will be right there. You can stream them, but we’d advise downloading them (from within the app) to ensure an interruption-free experience, and to be able to listen offline.


Play HeartWave Meditation™  at a comfortable volume through loudspeakers in the background: Your whole environment will be infused with the subtle energetic frequencies of nature, facilitating a sense of balance, calm, and clarity.

Listen to HeartWave Meditation™  with headphones: Listening to HeartWave Meditation™  with headphones provides the optimal effect for deep and profound contemplation and meditation.

Due to the powerful biofield (subtle energetic) entrainment technology contained in HeartWave Meditation™, it will create a calm, peaceful, harmonious field. Some people are more able to consciously detect this energy field than others, but your body and biofield will still register and benefit from it nonetheless.


This recording is embedded with the subtle energy frequencies of:

White Light – A powerful “spiritual solvent” capable of clearing negative emotions and blocks to spiritual awakening; associated with healing and shielding from negativity.

Energy of the Golden Mean – Found to be present at sacred pilgrimage sites; sattvic (harmonizing) properties; profound centering and balancing qualities; deeply calming and purifying.

Qi – Naturally stress reducing; healing energy.

Horizontal Negative Green – A powerful spiritual carrier wave involved in prayer, meditation, and spiritual and psychic phenomena like distant healing and nonlocal (or faster-than-the-speed-of-light) communication.

Orgone – Contains all 12 higher harmonics – Horizontal Negative Green, Black, Infrared, Red, Orange, Yellow, Positive Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Ultraviolet and White. Can be very invigorating, and tends to push stuck qi until it moves and becomes unblocked.

Brain Waves – Alpha, theta, and delta brain waves for deep meditation and heart-centered awareness.

Heart Chakra – The energy center related to emotional intelligence, love relationships, balance, compassion, and self-acceptance.

Heartwaves – Special frequencies designed to speak the language of the heart. May facilitate increased sense of love, devotion, gratitude, tolerance, patience, and the capacity to fully feel one’s feelings.

Heart-Brain Connection – Helps strengthen communication between the heart and the brain.

Heart Signature – The energetic signature of a healthy heart.

Spiritual (Right) Heart Signature – The resonance of the inmost, spiritual heart. Also naturally synchronizes left and right hemispheric brain activity. In addition, when any of the HeartWave Meditation™  tracks are played, this particular signature has a unique effect on the space in which it is played, such that the entire space—and virtually every object within that space—will naturally emit this unique energetic signature. In fact, because this signature is also a carrier wave, all the other energetic signatures in this HeartWave Meditation™  formulation will also be emitted by the space and all the objects in that space. This creates an especially coherent environment for personal and spiritual evolution, so we recommend playing this field often at low or no volume.

Sacred Geometry – Chestahedron – A new geometric form discovered by artist, sculptor, and geometrician Frank Chester, with a unique geometry correlated with the human heart. Vibrational tests conducted in this lab confirm that the human energy field is significantly strengthened by this geometrical form.


Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is the creator of the iNET entrainment process, and was a co-founder and the first Chief Technology Officer of iAwake Technologies, LLC. Eric is no longer with iAwake Technologies, but he was a seminal contributor to its development and all of iAwake’s initial products, including the Profound Meditation Program 3.0.

Eric has started a new company called Subtle Energy Sciences, and writes and speaks on the intersection between neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality.

My meditations have been very deep with the first track.  I love it.  The second track works well for the asana portion of the yoga class. I’ve used the water track for savasana at the end of yoga class and am interested to note how reluctant the students are to come out of their relaxation. It sometimes takes a full minute or two to get them back up to a seated position!  ~ Connie McClaran

I have experienced most of the iAwake library. This is my favorite program. Meditating with HeartWave is deeply relaxing. I find that my decision making is improved when I listen to HW. While I don’t understand how it happens, it seems that I connect better with people when HW is playing, and we seem to find ourselves on the same wavelength. I find that I have a very heightened sensitivity and level of awareness. In fact, frequently it seems we find each other saying the same words at the same time. While I cannot yet define and quantify the experience, there is something very special going on when I listen, and I have never experienced it on this level with any other program or meditation.  ~ Michael Halbfish