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July 23rd - July 27th

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A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress and Anxiety

Very powerful track. First time I heard it was while working on my computer. It was so powerful I had to stop and lie down to be able to contain the blissful sensations. A little like taking MDMA. 🙂  ~ David

Qi-Encoded Nature Sounds for Healing, Renewal, and Releasing Stress

I always feel a strong energy flow (vibrations) going up my legs when listening to these tracks. They have been great for “grounding” me, for rooting me in the now, in a very physical/energetic way. They also activate my heart chakra. And give me an extra push besides my main meditation.

~ Andre Lima

Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology

I have been using the whole 70 minutes each day and since the fourth of march. I am noticing that I feel great lately and things do not bother me. I use it to go within to solve life problems I may be having each day. It is great.  ~ Edward Farrel

In, Out & Through Vol. III

“A wonderful set of soundscapes which allow one to deepen the meditative experience into profound states of consciousness and pure awareness.”  ~ J.P.

Deeply Rest and Recharge: Feel Refreshed, Renewed, and Ready to Go!

I just love the sound of Joe’s voice — it always feels so caring and safe. Just as with Profound Releasing, the tracks always leave me feeling cared for, as if someone just covered me with a warm blanket. Beautiful, thank you!  ~ Lorrie

Psychoacoustic soundscape to fall asleep, stay asleep, and awaken refreshed

Listening to this program deepened my sleep and cut my wake-ups in half.  ~ Abigail

Radically improve your workouts with music that moves your body and entrains your brain.

It made movement enjoyable. I felt happy while exercising. It’s felt natural to increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts. This track has really made working out a pleasure for me!  ~ Terri Brownell

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