Why is it always a case of lowering the brainwaves?

Question: Pretty much all progressive brainwave entrainment meditation programs work on the basis of lowering the entrained brainwaves as low as they’ll go for maximum benefit for the listener, all the way down to deep delta and epsilon. I was wondering why it’s always a case of lowering the brainwaves? Would it not be possible to progressively increase the entrainment through gamma, hypergamma and lambda brainwaves, and what would the likely effect be?

Answer: Yes, other types of brainwave patterns are helpful, which is why PMP 3.0 Full Spectrum contains a large spectrum of brainwave patterns, from Epsilon to Hyper-Gamma. We don’t yet have a Lambda offering yet. We also offer a growing number of NeuroFlow releases, which feature a range of brainwave patterns, carriers, soundtracks and biofield formulations. Having this kind of a variety offers a diversity of stimulation to keep the nervous system and energetic system responding for a long time.

Using progressively lower brainwave patterns, however, can be quite effective in pushing the brain’s stress threshold, specifically because the lower you go in brainwave pattern, the more closely you match the resonant frequency of the physical brain itself. For example, scientific research has shown that some of the deepest brain structures that support ingrained dysfunctional behaviors, like the amygdala, for example, naturally function in the delta and sub-delta ranges. By creating an effective entrainment stimulus in those ranges, it is possible to actually resonate those specific brain structures at their unique resonant frequency, which in turn can elicit a spontaneous release and reconfiguration of the ineffective neurological wirings (built up over time through repeated emotional stresses) that underpin dysfunctional emotional states and conditions.

There is also evidence that the limbic system, which is deeply involved in habitual human behavior and motivation, is somewhat soothed by these lower brainwave patterns. And if you were to use these higher brainwave patterns, like Gamma and Lambda, every day, especially when using brainwave entrainment, you’d easily over-stimulate your nervous system to the point of causing extreme distress and overwhelm. These higher patterns are used periodically, while the lower patterns work very well for daily use.

I hope I’ve answered your questions, and thanks for doing the work of personal growth.