Low carrier frequency

Low carrier frequencies don’t necessarily make entrainment signals more effective; they just make the entrainment signal capable of delivering more sound energy to the brain, which is useful when your main objective is to gently push the brain towards levels of higher functioning.

In terms of carrier frequency, “strength” refers not to the entrainment signal’s entrainment efficacy, but to its capacity to deliver a gentle push to the brain by delivering more sound energy. (As the carrier frequency lowers in pitch, its wavelength and amplitude increase, which means that it is delivering a larger sound wave to the brain.)

Any growth process has stimulation and recovery cycles, so that proper growth cannot occur after a period of stimulation unless a proper recovery cycle has also occurred. With the Release tracks, we aren’t interested in increasing stimulation to the brain. (That’s what the Primary Meditation tracks are for.) We intentionally use weak carrier frequencies so as to lessen resistance to releasing neurological and emotional entropy. These tracks are designed to lubricate the releasing process, so they contain fairly weak carrier frequencies, which are required for decreasing resistance.