Ever heard of this theory about 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz? If so, anything to it?

Question: Ever heard of this theory about 440 Hz vs. 432 Hz? If so, anything to it? Do you incorporate it?

Eric Thompson: Yes, we are aware of the theory. I’ve composed music tuned to A=432 Hz, but have found any positive effects to be minimal. In fact, virtually all of the most powerful music experiences I’ve had have been with music tuned to A=440 Hz. In my experience, it’s not the tuning (or even frequency) that is the most important factor, but instead it is the degree of spiritual energy (life force) that is infused into the performance of the music that counts. This is because the spiritual energy
transmutes any impurities in the sound.

There is a popular article that shows two cymatic images comparing 432 Hz with 440 Hz, and the pattern created by the 432 Hz cymatic image is interpreted by some people as being more attractive than the 440 Hz image. What is completely unsaid in the article, however, is that the 440 Hz frequency appears even in music tuned to a=432 Hz, because even music tuned to that frequency will contain sounds all over the audio spectrum, including 440 Hz.

Contrary to popular belief among esoteric spiritual circles, frequency is not the most important aspect to energy (sound energy included). Rather, the waveform that a frequency takes is even more important. So, let’s say we take two frequencies and tune them to 440 Hz. If we take one of those 440 Hz frequencies and shift the amplitude/wavelength proportion from 1/1 (which a normal sound frequency has) to 5/8 (meaning that the amplitude (height) of the waveform is 5/8 of the overall wavelength, we can effectively change, on a subtle energetic level, the very nature of that frequency. So, we now have two 440 Hz frequencies, but one of them will emit the higher subtle energetic bandwidth associated the golden mean and meditation, simply by having shifted the waveform. By adding the biofield technology as we do, the same thing is accomplished.

There is much more to frequency than frequency itself, and many of these theories shared extensively on the Internet are unaware of this fact. The 432 Hz theory sounds fantastic on paper, but I find its actual effects to fall short of all the hype. And as I also mentioned, the biofield technology we use basically accomplishes the same thing claimed by 432 Hz music, because it quite literally transmutes the essence of the music to make it more inherently balancing and relaxing to the human energy field.