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April 28th - May 7th

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Brain Wave Enhancing Guided Meditations for Aligning the 7 Energy Centers of the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Colette Baron-Reid

 “Loved these tracks — I not only experienced very vivid visual images as the narrator guided me through the sessions but distinct energetic openings.” – J.M.

40 Hz - The Keystone of Consciousness

Blissful. Really. Elation and respite together.  ~ Neal Szpatura

Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

You are really, really on to a major breakthrough in meditation with this HeartWave. Wow. When I meditate with these tracks, I feel the energy in my heart moving and swirling. I am able to stay in my heart for most of the day.

 And the other day, during my group meditation practice, because of listening to these audios earlier in the day, I was able to not fall asleep. I am astounded at how much love I feel when listening to these audios. The hands of the divine are all over them!!  ~ Daniel Peebles

A Profound and Transformative Guided Journey with Consciousness-Altering Sound Technology

It seems like a good idea to practice dying safely before you die actually.  ~Scott

The End of the Exile

“I felt a potency and hopefulness that has been missing for me for some time.”  – Neal

Powerful Brainwave Entrainment Technology to Cut Through the Inner Chaos of Stress and Worry

Pam-looking-mischievous copyI love this track. Recently I had to do a public performance so just before, I put on my headphones and sat quietly listening, and it helped me enjoy rather than stress about my performance. Highly recommend.   ~ Pam Parsons Dupuy

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