All 3 tracks activated a Third Eye awareness for me.  ~ Christopher

Gamma 40

40 Hz - The Keystone of Consciousness

The music, tones, and psychoacoustic sounds of Gamma 40  guide your brain/mind into a blissful state of coherence, clarity, insight, focus, creativity, and compassion.

In the 40 Hz state, your brain waves resonate at the frequency that is the key to consciousness itself, allowing you to rapidly process a rich abundance of sensory and mental information and integrate it into the seamless wholes that form connected “moments” of presence, attention and boundless awareness.

Blissful. Really. Elation and respite together.  ~ Neal Szpatura

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Use of headphones will provide the most optimal experience, but are not required.
To fully experience the potential of this program, please get comfortable, close your eyes, and relax for the next 4 minutes.
Allow the ambient music soundtracks to immerse you in an experience of relaxed presence.

Don’t be fooled – this is not just intriguing and dynamic music – it is the design and technology
infused in the soundtracks that evokes the awareness and relaxed focus.

Gamma brain waves (26 to 99 Hz) are fascinating. First, because they disappear during anesthesia, suggesting an intrinsic relationship to consciousness itself, but also because they abound in the brains of Tibetan monks, who are long-term loving kindness meditators.

So gamma waves seem to be central to harmony— perhaps even the brainwave signature of compassion itself. Gamma arises while processing all that comes in through our senses, as if they are the glue that helps us have a coherent picture of all the sensory data we receive moment to moment.

They’ve been found to be linked to heightened perception, extremely creative states of high performance, focus, and clarity, as well as to high intellectual comprehension and acute self-awareness and spiritual insight.

Can be used with speakers
Can be used with speakers
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural •  psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural • psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Where peak performance meets inner peace (31-99 Hz). Associated with: intense focus • creativity • deep compassion • high information processing • "Aha" experiences.
Where peak performance meets inner peace (31-99 Hz). Associated with: intense focus • creativity • deep compassion • high information processing • "Aha" experiences.

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Track Details

Three tracks (total of 70 minutes)

01   Blissful Cognition (10 minutes)
02   Blissful Cognition (20 minutes)
03   Cognitive Bliss (40 minutes)

Full package includes:

  • 3 tracks (for a total of 70 minutes)
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  • User Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)
  • 1 optional CD*

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Enter the brilliance and fullness of pure consciousness…

Research into gamma brain waves, specifically those at 40 Hz, has shown that this frequency may be the key to consciousness itself. At the frequency of 40 Hz, the brain engages in the process known as “binding,” which combines the disparate sensory data from our five senses (or six including mind/thought) into the single cohesive experience we know as “being conscious.”

When the brain entrains to the 40 Hz frequency, the experience of consciousness is amplified and strengthened beyond its normal capacity. Gamma waves allow you to rapidly process a rich abundance of sensory and mental information and integrate it into seamless wholes, forming connected “moments” of presence, attention, and boundless awareness.

People using Gamma 40  report experiencing a mind state of “relaxation with focus,” “elation and respite together,” and find it’s “a great program for synthesizing ideas, focusing, and stimulating creative thinking”—“the antidote to feeling stuck or aimless.”


Whether used for meditation, work, creation, or exploration, Gamma 40  is a powerful tool for “checking in” and embracing, with full engagement, the feeling of being profoundly awake and vividly alive.

Using similar approaches, I’ve conjured a spiritual mood in certain places in these tracks, and that of a hero’s journey. Though there are moments of placidity, these are very dynamic tracks. The recordings are adaptive enough to match the intention of the listener, and have an ebb and flow and changing stream of experience without pulling too much attention to themselves. So, we offer you this Gamma 40 program with the positive expectation that you will find it to be a common “go to” in your bag of tricks.

~ Leigh Spusta, developer of Gamma 40

The Story of the Development of Gamma 40  from the creator, Leigh Spusta

Having done both theta and delta programs previously, it was a logical progression to move into the gamma domain—especially given the recent attention that the gamma brainwave state has gotten. So, I began to research, listen to existing tracks, and contemplate how I would like to approach it. Eventually I decided on primarily using a psycho-acoustic approach, because I felt it would be the best way to create a journey type experience, and encourage the mind to step up its cognitive functions.

Using sounds, textures, and musical motifs that promote different psychological tendencies was, to me, as important as the use of the 40 Hz isochronic entrainment rhythm. There are moments in the soundscapes when the listener’s ear and attention have to say, “Hmm, what’s that?” This is a way of getting the mind’s inquisitive aspect amplified, which serves to increase focus and awareness.

How to Use

Download the iAwake App

First, download the FREE iAwake App, login with your email, and all your tracks will be right there. You can stream them, but we’d advise downloading them (from within the app) to ensure an interruption-free experience, and to be able to listen offline.

Track 1 (Blissful Cognition – 10 minutes)

This is the most active or dynamic of the three tracks. This one is best suited to be used when you either have a limited timeframe or when you want a push into gamma followed by a quiet space to reflect, observe, or focus. Over time, these tracks become more effective as the brain learns to get into the state more quickly, so this shortest one becomes a great tool.

Track 2 (Blissful Cognition – 20 minutes)

This track is a little more relaxed than the first track. This allows you to immerse yourself a little more fully into the experience of the sound, allowing for a deep comfort and yet helping to maintain a psychological state of focus and clarity.

Track 3 (Cognitive Bliss – 40 minutes)

This track will take you to the depths of calm. The body lets go of tensions held in both body and mind, allowing you to explore the awareness of the gamma state from this profound and immersive space. This is the most metaphysically charged track of the three.


These tracks were composed primarily with a psychoacoustic entrainment method in mind. This means that the flavors, tonal qualities, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic content were crafted to elicit a particular range of psychological and emotional responses (musical phrases like this are generally referred to as “cues”), much like what happens with scoring for TV and film.

We also employed ambient and vibroacoustic drones for their potent calming and centering effect. Lastly, we incorporated a 40 Hz phase modulation, essentially a variation of an isochronic rhythm, in order to drive the brain waves into gamma dominance. These tracks can be used individually, or can be listened to in sequence.


Leigh Spusta

Leigh Spusta, creator of Alpha Arising, Forgetting Not to Remember, Gamma 40, Deep Delta, Deeply Theta, iAwake Mini Meditations, Solar Infusion, and the sound/entrainment tracks for The Gift of Gratitude – Recovery Edition, The Gift of Gratitude, Morning Ritual, Call of the Heart; In, Out & Through Vol. I; Kundalini (In, Out & Through Vol. II); and Deep Recovery, is a composer, hypnotherapist, and Certified Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, specializing in the use of sound frequencies to produce deep, relaxing trance states.

His work has become internationally recognized and is enjoyed by thousands around the world. Leigh has worked with several therapists in Los Angeles, producing a variety of therapeutic audio CDs, and has been hired as a consultant and producer working with companies in the United Kingdom. He also works with the HMI College of Hypnotherapy and the American Hypnosis Association as Director of Media Production.

Leigh combines his talents as a musician and his knowledge of hypnosis and related states, in an effort to pioneer new approaches to creating rich, resonant soundscapes for greater efficacy in healing and meditative products. Leigh is the developer of the proprietary PsimatiX™ therapeutic approaches and technologies.

I was able to concentrate on the task at hand without my mind constantly wandering – loved it!  ~ Allyson

It was like getting plugged into an energy source that left me feeling better than before I started the meditation, but relaxed.  ~ Robbin