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Colette recommends these beautifully crafted and carefully engineered meditation tracks to enhance your mastermind experience.

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40 Hz - The Keystone of Consciousness

Blissful. Really. Elation and respite together.  ~ Neal Szpatura

A journey into stillness and awakening intuition

Strikingly subtle. Beautiful work…  ~ S.C. “coffeegoeswild”

Motivation • Energy • Intense Focus

I was extremely motivated and active this last week. I started a new schedule, and I work more effectively. It has actually brought me a better income this week. Things are getting more done, and while I work and don’t slumber and waste time. The ideas seem to flow faster Solutions and creativity come faster.   ~ Samuel Tornquist

Advanced Audio Entrainment Technology for Focus, Flow, Relaxation, and Joy
Scandinavian Lullabies with Theta Waves and Biofield Energy to Open and Heal Your Heart. From Vidia Wesenlund's Night Light album.

There was a lot of pain erasure:  which is to say that the tracks brought up pain to erase that I didn’t know was there.  ~ Christopher Worthing

A Drug-Free Digital Vacation from Stress and Anxiety

Very powerful track. First time I heard it was while working on my computer. It was so powerful I had to stop and lie down to be able to contain the blissful sensations. A little like taking MDMA. 🙂  ~ David

Activate Transformation and Self-Healing with Brainwave Entrainment Powered Purring

“The interplay between the purring and the entrainment is sublime…”  ~ S. C. aka ‘coffeegoeswild’