February 12 - 22, 2022

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Bliss Encoded Music for Opening the Heart

I had quite a few releasing moments with the heart-related memories. Spontaneous visualizations of situations uncovered heartache and the tracks seemed to help to accept, honor, cherish, and love this heartache. It is lovely to feel alive.  ~ Eugene Pustoshkin

Scandinavian Lullabies with Theta Waves and Biofield Energy to Open and Heal Your Heart. From Vidia Wesenlund's Night Light album.

There was a lot of pain erasure:  which is to say that the tracks brought up pain to erase that I didn’t know was there.  ~ Christopher Worthing

Beyond the Brain: For Engaging the Heart & the Entire Energetic System

You are really, really on to a major breakthrough in meditation with this HeartWave. Wow. When I meditate with these tracks, I feel the energy in my heart moving and swirling. I am able to stay in my heart for most of the day.

 And the other day, during my group meditation practice, because of listening to these audios earlier in the day, I was able to not fall asleep. I am astounded at how much love I feel when listening to these audios. The hands of the divine are all over them!!  ~ Daniel Peebles

Contemplative Voices for the Inner Journey

These tracks brought me a sense of immediate peace.  ~ E.Z.

Alchemical music for lovemaking to deepen intimacy, release blocks, and elevate consciousness

Slowed everything down into a rhythm of greater sensuality.  ~ J.M.