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A shamanic journey of discovery, healing and vision

VisionQuest, part of the NeuroFlow Series, contains beautiful trance music, innovative brainwave entrainment frequencies, psycho-acoustic principles and deeply transformative subtle energy fields. This synthesis of dreamy ambient music, neurotechnology and energy medicine takes you on a shamanic journey of discovery, healing and vision.

VisionQuest is one of the best products that has been produced by iAwake. I am using the tracks to dive deep into inner work of journeying into the depths of my being. The tracks are great tools to enhance this work.  ~ Gary Davis

VisionQuest, encoded music for journeying through innerspace, is designed to help you experience:

  • Inner vision and insight
  • Shamanic states of consciousness
  • New perspectives on your life
  • Creative problem solving
  • Resolution of inner conflicts and hindrances to growth
  • Wakeful dreaming
  • Deep meditation
  • Enhanced inner awareness

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Finding the Meaning of Your Life

Deeply connect with your soul and stay true to your soul path. Journey to the Depths of the Soul  is a life-transforming series of guided meditations and mesmerizing, consciousness-altering soundscapes, from master hypnotherapist Joseph Kao.

These tracks are engaging me in an inquiry that is deep and significant. ~ Gregory Skyles

Journey to the Depths of the Soul  is designed to:

  • Dive into a deeply absorbed, centered state of inner knowingness
  • Discover the profound, embodied connection you have with your soul, that’s always present in every moment
  • Feel a renewed sense of meaning, purpose, and inner fire
  • Experience fresh insights and spontaneous epiphanies
  • Release negative programming from the past
  • Make important decisions with greater clarity and intuitive wisdom
  • Live your life with more boldness, authenticity, and courage

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