I often get bored while exercising on the treadmill or elliptical trainer and these tracks helped me stay totally engaged and actually work out harder.  ~ Lisa Celentano

Workout Ecstasy Vol II

Radically improve your workouts with music that moves your body and entrains your brain

Get your exercise clothes on, pop on your earbuds, and start rocking and dancing and sweating, lifting and stretching your way to superior health and ecstatic exercise. From Berlin’s Globetrotting DJ Diva, Nadja Lind.

This was a wonderful addition to my workouts! I don’t always enjoy exercising and these tracks made it easier. I felt more energetic. I felt more present during my workouts. I felt more focused.  ~ Ann


Listen to the 3-Minute Sample Now

Headphones provide the most optimal experience, but are not required.
Let the music move your body!

Don’t be fooled – this is not just great music – it is the design and technology infused in the soundtrack that entrains your brain while you workout, dance, move!

Workout Ecstasy can help you:

  • be more inspired and focused during your workouts
  • maintain a steady pace while jogging or doing cardio exercise
  • energize and focus your strength training sessions
  • motivate and get more out of your exercise program
  • exercise your brain while you exercise your body
  • have spontaneous dance sessions at work or at home (in other words, just listen and move your body as you feel inspired to!)
  • feel joy and ecstasy as you exercise

Remember that exercise can and should be fun, and not a burden.

Most effective with headphones
Most effective with headphones
Can be used with speakers
Can be used with speakers
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural •  psychacoustic • panning, etc.
Use of sound to influence brainwave activity. Forms of brainwave entrainment might include: binaural • isochronic • monaural • psychacoustic • panning, etc.
For the Inner Journey (3 to 7 Hz). Associated with: insight • visualization • inner journeying • dreamwork • intuition • deep states of meditation • healing
For the Inner Journey (3 to 7 Hz). Associated with: insight • visualization • inner journeying • dreamwork • intuition • deep states of meditation • healing

Additional Info


Track Details

One 60-minute track that includes a warm-up period, a speed-up period, a steady 30 minutes at 134 beats per minute to give you a challenging workout, and a 10-minute cool-down period.

Tempo with 4 Hz theta brainwave entrainment throughout:

Phase One
5-minute warm-up at 125 bpm

Warms up the muscles, moves the joints in order to avoid injuries, and slowly increases the heart rate. Reminds the listener to breathe deeply in order to provide enough oxygen to the muscles for building up the energy level in the body for the exercise to come.

Phase Two
15-minute speed-up at 125 – 134 bpm

The workout beat gets the listener into an exercise mood starting at 126 bpm (beats per minute) and increasing up to 134 bpm over the next 15 minutes.

Phase Three
30 minutes at 134 bpm

Workout continues at a constant 134 bpm training.

Phase Four
10-minute slow-down/cool down at 134 – 126 bpm

During the last 10 minutes of the 60-minute workout, the tempo will gradually slow back down to 126 bpm.

Full package includes:

  • 4 tracks (total of 60 minutes)
  • Tracks accessible on the free iAwake Technologies app for iOS and Android
  • Downloadable audio files available in MP3 and WAV formats
  • User Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)
  • 1 optional CD*

*CD orders are handled by a CD fulfillment company and shipped from fulfillment centers located in the United States. Orders outside of the United States have an estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

Comparison of Workout Ecstasy Vol I and Workout Ecstasy Vol II

Workout Length

In Workout Ecstasy Vol II, the length of the workout is longer — one track at 60 minutes versus Workout Ecstasy Vol I’s two tracks, one at 26 minutes and one at 46 minutes.

Workout Pace

In Workout Ecstasy Vol II, the tempo is more challenging with 30 minutes at 134 bpm (versus Workout Ecstasy Vol I’s steady pace of 127 bpm), plus Workout Ecstasy Vol II has an initial warm-up of 5 minutes, a speed-up time of 15 minutes, and a 10-minute cool-down time.

Deeper Entrainment

In Workout Ecstasy Vol II, the entrainment is an even deeper focus throughout the whole workout — at a constant 4 Hz binaural frequency (theta) — for a meditative, inward-focused state of deep relaxation of the brain while the body is fully active.

The Music

Like in Workout Ecstasy Vol I, the music is very repetitive so you are not distracted from your workout but just stimulating enough to keep your training fun, going at a good pace, and keep you from getting bored.

How to Use

Download the iAwake App

First, download the FREE iAwake App, login with your email and all your tracks will be right there. You can stream them, but we’d advise downloading them (from within the app) to ensure an interruption-free experience, and to be able to listen offline.


The way we recommend using this track for the greatest effectiveness in your workout routine (and we know you will find new and exciting ways to use this on your own) is to start the track at the beginning of your workout.

Notice there is a gentle drone before the beats kick in. Use this time to center down, visualize your meditation, and we highly recommend dedicating your workout to your highest good at this moment in your life. This infuses the exercise with additional energy, purpose, and focus.

When the beats kick in, start moving your body and get to work.

At the end of the track, the music moves into a calming drone sound. At this time, you can refocus, relax your muscles, thank your higher power, and be done with your workout. Or, if you’re really going for it, simply put the track on a loop, play it again, and kick some more exercise butt.

Another way to use this track is when you are working in your office or at home, and starting to feel tired and drained, you can put the track on (either using your mobile device with headphones or earbuds, or simply listening through speakers) and begin to dance and move with the music. This is a tremendous way to revitalize and energize your day.

Good luck finding new and exciting applications to Workout Ecstasy Vol II and feel free to share them with the iAwake team at support@iawaketechnologies.com. We’d love to hear what you come up with.

So get moving, get sweating, and start grooving!


Binaural theta, vibroacoustic drones, maximum tempo 134 bpm

Target Brainwaves (Theta 4 Hz)

This track offers a combined approach to accomplish guiding the listener into the desired brainwave state and eliciting the experience of an effortlessly focused and practiced workout.

Binaural Entrainment

The entire recording has been encoded with a binaural entrainment modulation rhythm of 4 Hz targeting the theta state, to foster a sense of being at ease, calm, assertive, and in deep harmony with the body and the surroundings, inverting the attention and focus of the mind while being active. This modulation is perceived by the brain as a stimulus to entrain to and to focus on during the training.

Vibroacoustic Drones

This track employs the use of low frequency droning tones in order to promote a sustained sense of comfort, releasing stress from the mind and body, guiding and allowing for a deepening of energy and focus.

This track can be listened to with or without headphones. However, when listened to without headphones, the binaural frequency will not work.

Produced by Nadja Lind using two oscillators (entrainment), several synthesizers, effects, and samples.


Nadja Lind

Nadja Lind, creator of some of iAwake’s most intriguing and distinctive tracks, such as A Ticket to Glide (In the Flow), The Universe is Friendly!, Kismet, Re-enchantment, Heaven and Earth, Refuge, BE, Theta Joy, Strong Medicine, Purrfound Meditation, Turning In Ambient Meditations, and Workout Ecstasy Volumes I and II, has a passion for recording ambient sounds and developing binaural beat ambient meditations. 

Developed initially to support her own healing process, Nadja’s friends and colleagues enthusiastically requested more drone waves with the certain Nadja touch. 

After 17 years of calling Berlin her homebase, Nadja now lives in the south of the “Black Forest” in Germany. She has had a globetrotting DJ career since 2003, been a sound designer and producer of electronic music since 2004, both solo and as one half of the live duo “KLARTRAUM,” and is co-owner of the Lucidflow imprint among other labels. Nadja is also a certified specialist in Pain Relief Therapy, Osteo Pressure & Fascia Yoga, and is a certified Yoga Trainer. 

Nadja’s personal development and spiritual evolution led her to Ken Wilber’s AQAL map and the idea of “Integral” many years ago, which was the catalyst for starting her own brainwave entrainment meditation series, Turning In.

Nadja was trained in Sadhguru’s “Inner Engineering & Shambhavi Mahamudra” at the Isha Foundation, and has been practicing on a daily basis since October 2017. She works out approximately 4 times a week at the gym, and since 2018 additionally is to find on the mat doing Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa yoga several times a week as well as hiking in the mountains. During her sessions, Nadja likes to use entrainment + beats.

Nadja has also trained in hypnosis, “Liebscher & Bracht” pain specialist and massage therapy, and is a vigorous practitioner of Voice Dialogue (Hal & Sidra Stone), Quantum Psychology (Stephen Wolinsky), Ho’oponopono (Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len), and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops, and has been meditating on a daily basis for many years.

Vol 2 is great for cardio folks like me! It’s helping me get back into regular workouts.  ~ Scott

Extraordinarily effective for enhancing states of flow – wonderful addition to iAwake.  ~ Jeff