What clinicians and healers are saying

As a Polarity Energy practitioner, Reiki Healer, and Medium, I am very aware of the relationship energy has on the mind and body and how working with the frequencies from iAwake can change your whole self. As a practitioner, it’s important for me to continually evolve consciously so that I can be a better source of healing for my clients. I tell my clients that when they see me they are potentially reorganizing themselves based on the work that I have attained on an energy level.

The iAwake recordings work in the same manner for myself. When I listen to them, I hear the essence of who I am and my mind body spirit changes accordingly. The success of these recordings have provided me with opportunities to see myself clearly and opened up my abilities as a healer in a way I never dreamed.

For my clients, the iAwake series provides an excellent setting in my treatment room for the client to absorb, balance and retune to who they are naturally. The biofield technology works in a wonderful way to change the atmosphere within the setting in which I work. It brings forth an opportunity to create the dreams for the client. It’s as if the space is organized to allow the individual to see their choices and opportunities. I find that using a variety of different recordings allows the room to absorb different frequencies that in turn may provide a healing opportunity for the client that would not be otherwise possible.

Jeff Caldwell



So I downloaded the free versions and used PMP 1-1 (I let it run 3 times, 60 min.) – it really created spectacular results, at least for me. In about 10 minutes I was in one of the deepest meditation states I have been in since a while, with amazing colours, visions and so on. And I am used to deep states of consciousness, since I work as a healer / energy therapist with a busy practice. I also channel my own guided meditations and have several long term study groups (3-4 years). I also run workshops on exploring the world of the Selves – also known as sub-personalities (similar to Voice Dialogue).

I have started using some of the tracks with my clients in their sessions and its fantastic; the only “problem” I had was going too deep myself; so I have started putting head phones on my clients and problem solved; they love it and I can do my work.
Now I am getting them much faster into deeper states, they relax faster, breath better (that’s really interesting) and my energy work is truly enhanced by it. I am still observing and testing; I will let you know (if you wish) after I have tried it for a while longer.

Of course now my clients want to know what sounds they have been hearing and I keep referring them to the free tracks from iAwake.

Renate Hechenberger (http://www.renatehechenberger.com)