How I’ve been using iAwake tracks in my psychotherapy practice

I have been using iawake products in my psychotherapy practice for several months with great results so far.

I keep headphones in my office at all times in case a client’s anxiety or difficult affect is to such an extent that even my therapy stance of deep empathy and anxiety regulation doesn’t help. Several times it has helped clients who were about to leave sessions early due to anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

I have been referring clients to the free PMP 1-1 track and to the digital euphoria track from the integral recovery kit. They’re free and effective and I appreciate that I can refer clients to a track that is a natural antidepressant.

Many people have given me positive feedback on the sleeping heart track as well, for insomnia cases. I have also noticed that even in cases of severe PTSD, going into these states do not tend to cause flooding or any other feared symptom. Clients with severe PTSD seem to feel that it is one thing that truly relaxed them.

So far it’s an adjunct but I have many ideas for my future practice. For one, guiding clients into deep breathing or meditation has not been very effective, especially for recovering addicts where there are tidal waves of anhedonia and anxiety in the recovering person. These tracks may help considerably in these cases.

Some ideas I’m playing with is to try the Profound Releasing with clients, or to rig something up where I can play a track with a group while they meditate to it.