What products would be best for a child of 10 dealing with anxiety?

You asked about using this technology with kids. We think it is an excellent alternative tool, and people are experimenting, using some of the iAwake products with kids, but we also want to be cautious. We don’t have research yet on its efficacy, just anecdotal reports and our own experiences as therapists and guides/coaches.

I would recommend starting with the NeuroCharger – it is the lightest of our tracks, helps with focus, sustaining attention, mood balancing and sleep (played during the day, it can result in deeper sleep). Play it at medium to low volume in the background for 1-2 hours and see what effect it has. We recommend this to students for studying, reading, writing, etc. Can be used without headphones but is more effective with.

Audio Serenity
Audio Serenity is designed to help with stress, and anxiety…more in the moment, though the effects will last several hours after listening. Would be good to do in conjunction with practicing a calming strategy like diaphragmatic breathing, etc. Can be used without headphones but is even more effective with.

PMP 3.0 Starter Kit
This is a good introductory product – contains Primary Meditation – Tier 1 and Releasing Meditation. This is the heart of our program.

The Releasing tracks are ideal for therapists working with clients using tapping, EMDR, etc. and teaching releasing techniques. For clients who are sensitive, have trauma, young, very anxious, I start them out with Releasing Tracks and then slowing integrate in the Primary Meditation tracks.

Eventually, we recommend reaching the point where people use the Primary Meditation for 1 hour/day, then on every fourth day, replace it with the Releasing tracks. That said, we also encourage people to be intuitive and listen to their own body/mind system to see what works for them.

When people use the Primary Meditation tracks regularly, they almost uniformly report noticing within 3-6 months that they are just not as ruffled by things as they used to be, and when they are, they bounce back more quickly. With kids, you probably won’t get them to sit still for an hour, but they probably need much less time anyway, given how quickly their brains learn. If they are doing an activity, like reading, on the computer, while listening, it will not be as potent but will still have some effect.

We have seen people with a serious trauma, particularly women who have been raped, report, when they first start listening to the tracks, suddenly get flooded with the traumatic memories and it can be very jarring – they will say “I thought I’d worked on it,” and perhaps want to quit…but with coaching they continue to use the tracks and integrate and release at a deeper level and then swear they will never NOT use the tracks…so can be very effective in treating trauma but therapeutic guidance is often important.

Also, Flow State, is good for calming, centering yet energizing – so useful before a test, a performance of some kind, for studying, reading, etc.