Why does it say in your disclaimer that pregnant women cannot use this technology?

The part that mentions pregnant women cannot use this technology is there simply as a precaution. However, as everything that happens to and around the mother might affect the baby, as long as what the mother does feels/is positive for her, it should be for the baby too – for example, there is an ever rising number of academic and scientific papers being written nowadays on how beneficial and key having a regular meditation practice is. Yet those who knew this before there was any evidence had to rely on their own experience and judgment.

Since our products have been specifically created to help people meditate and relax, the more time a mother spends going into a “bodymind space” which feels serene and safe, the better for the baby. Unfortunately and unless we find some studies, I can only suggest whoever is willing to consider this does it carefully and at their own risk.

An example illustrating the concern of possible contraindications is exposure to EMF. I am sure you’ve heard people saying that our current technology is not as safe as it could/should be (from smart phones to wireless and bluetooth signals, from TV screens to laptops and tablets). Well, it is only through a fraction of the population called electrosensitives – only now starting to be accepted as a legitimate condition – that we have such reports, pointing at the state of our current technology, seemingly needing to become a lot more “bioavailable”.

Our technology has been developed in the most possible “bioavailable” way and it has been used by countless people to various effects ranging from neutral to life/changing. But there are always people out there not finding any value in any of this, so ultimately, it would be a question of informed and fully responsible personal choice.

Below is an article for further reading on the use of binaural beats during pregnancy: