How does iAwake measure and verify the effects of the biofield technology?

The biofield effects have been verified so far using several different conventional and not so conventional vibrational testing equipment:

The InnerActive Aura Camera –

The GDV camera – not yet published

Radionic analysis – verified by independent radionic researcher Derek Vernon-Browne

The use of specially calibrated pendulums – such as this one – It takes a certain degree of training to use these particular of pendulums skillfully and get reliable results. But several trained radiesthesiests, using these specially calibrated pendulums, have confirmed the validity of the biofield technology.

Energetically sensitive intuitives and healers. One intuitive who sees energy, for example, has accurately described the energetic behavior of the biofield frequencies emanating from specific tracks in a way that would not be possible if he was not actually seeing the energy, and he did this without knowing anything about the track that was playing. This was all performed silently, with no volume used; such that, if he was told the track was playing silently, when in fact the track was not playing at all, he would report no activity. But when the track was actually playing, he’d report the kind of energetic activity you’d expect in relation to the nature of the track.

Here’s a great article, Foundations of a New Vibrational Science, which outlines certain testing methods that we use as well.

We also have about 50 alpha/beta testers test and report in about each product we introduce.