When playing several biofield tracks, is it better to play the same track or mix with other tracks?

Question: Hi, if I use my computer to open up several biofield tracks and played it whole day, is it better to play the same track with multiple mediaplayer or is it ok to mix difference biofield formulation and played them together silently with multiple media player? Which method is stronger and more effective?

Answer: It’s easiest for most people to amplify the biofield signal by playing multiple copies of the same track. That way, it’s easier to predict the amplified effect. For example, if you play multiple copies of Audio Serenity, you can be sure that the resulting amplified effect will be very relaxing.

If, on the other hand, you decide to experiment and see what happens when you mix multiple copies of, say, Audio Serenity and Audio Chi simultaneously, you may discover that that particular mixture doesn’t feel as good to you. Please feel free to experiment as you wish, but playing multiple copies of the same track (and thus the same biofield formulation) will deliver the best results.