How far does the biofield extend out from the player?

The field created by the iAwake tracks depends upon the device you’re using to play the tracks; the bigger the device’s electromagnetic field (EMF), the bigger will be the radius of the field emitted by the tracks.

The field emitted by the tracks interfaces with the EMF of the playing device, effectively converting the EMF into a carrier for the biofield technology, as well as diminishing the negative effects of the EMF on living systems. The radius of the field also depends on how many tracks you are playing simultaneously (as in this biofield amplification method:

For tracks released starting 2013, playing 1 biofield track:

  • On laptop – Minimum 6 ft diameter – 3 ft radius
  • On PC/Mac Tower Computer – Minimum 40 ft diameter – 20 ft radius
  • On smartphones – A minimum of 50 ft diameter – 25 ft radius

Pre 2013, playing 1 biofield track:

  • On laptop – Minimum 2 ft diameter
  • On PC/Mac Tower Computer – Minimum 10 ft diameter
  • On smartphones – A minimum of 15 ft diameter

NOTE: 1) The larger the EMF radiation of the playing device, the larger will be the field diameter of the biofield signals, since the biofield signals transform the EMF into a safe carrier for the biofield technology. And because the EMF radiation differs from one computer manufacturer and model to another, the resulting biofield diameters will also vary. 2) Opening any biofield track on more the one media player on a computer, will extend the field diameter of the biofield signals.