Introducing the iAwake Technologies

Deep Meditation Bundle


Experience Deep Transformative Meditation with 6 iAwake tools designed for:

  • Deeply contemplative meditation
  • Nurturing your spirit and your brain
  • Engaging the heart
  • Journeying into stillness and awakening intuition
  • Freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and emotional blocks
  • Opening and healing your heart

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Package Information

The full package includes:

  • a total of SIX (6) ALBUMS with a total of 6 hours and 35 minutes (395 minutes) playing time:

    • Harmonic Resonance Meditation:  Four 15-minute tracks (60 minutes total)
    • Deep Delta: One 40-minute track
    • HeartWave Meditation™: Three 20-minute tracks (60 minutes total)
    • Deeply Theta: Three tracks (70 minutes total)
    • Profound Releasing: Four tracks (120 minutes total)
    • Call of the Heart: Eight tracks (45 minutes total)

  • MP3 & WAV digital formats (Mac, PC, mobile compatible) or optional CDs
  • User eManual (PDF)
  • Active Practitioner\'s Forum
  • Ongoing support

Harmonic Resonance Meditation
Deep Delta
HeartWave Meditation
Deeply Theta
Profound Releasing
Call of the Heart

Digital Downloads Only

CD with Digital Downloads