Four Basic Capacities -10.26.16

John announced that they will be starting a coaching course for transformational Integral practice. The course aims to get you to the point where you just practice no matter what. You don’t need any coaching, you don’t need inspiration, and you don’t need a community to get you there. And once you get to that level, that’s mastery.

He also shared that for Integral practice they have identified four basic capacities or intelligence that are found essential no matter what your goal is in life. The first is your body – you have to be healthy, you have to have a rigorous exercise program. The next one is the mental or intellectual line -what are you putting in your brain? You have to connect with wisdom, you have to connect with minds that can inspire you. The third one is the emotional line which includes your emotions moment to moment, and also your interior, your traumas, and also your shadow issues – the unconscious thing that we split off from awareness because they are too painful or uncomfortable. And the last one is the spiritual practice which is going inside and opening and surrendering to the deepest part of yourself.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “I have a really good friend of mine, he’s very sick, and I had some weeks where I was looking after him. At the moment, he seems like he was getting better, but probably he will leave. I don’t know when, but he will probably not survive. Do you have any special track to release this trauma? To get to a point of resilience, of power, of strength and clearance, and I can be with him without fearing death.”
  • “Are Profound Meditation Program 2.0 and Profound Meditation Program 3.0 similar?

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