Integral Map – 9.21.16

John shared his insights on racism – he said that we should start and acknowledge it within ourselves. We need to go deeper than our own stories, go deeper than our own neurosis, go deeper than our cultural identification, and go down to the place where we are all one, and that we all need to love one another.

He also talked about the Integral map created by Ken Wilber which gives us a beautiful way of understanding the dynamics that are going on. When you understand ,then we can begin to act more skillfully.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “I’m very grateful to you both. I’ve been using Profound Meditation 3.0 for almost a year along with others. You have clear intentions and heart behind everything you’re making available. Mahalo!”
  • “Would you suggest the visual with both Profound Renewal and Profound Releasing?”
  • “Please tell me about Profound Renewal, not familiar with that.”
  • “I started with Profound Meditation 2.0 and it was actually quite powerful for me. I’ve been using the products ever since, but I have everything you have in your library. I wanted to chime in there about EMDR because I’ve also done that and it’s part of my just starting with Profound Meditation 2.0. I really found that it was a little bit overwhelming for me. So now, a lot of trauma, that kind of thing, but as I moved into Profound Meditation 2.0, I was doing the EMDR at the same time. Not at the same time, but consecutively in a course of a week. It was really a way to help me release and found releasing tracks amazing to help process on what I was processing with the EMDR. It was very helpful for me.”

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