Leigh Spusta on Solar Infusion – 01.20.16

John is joined by Javi Otero and Leigh Spusta. Leigh Spusta talks about how he came up with the new audio track, Solar Infusion, and his intention for creating it.

Below are some questions from our callers:

  • “I have the Profound Meditation Program 3.0 and the HeartWave Meditation and over the past three or four months, I’ve been in and out, pretty sick and sometimes pretty depressed. One of my questions is when I’m really pretty sick I often just lie down and fall asleep. Because sometimes when I’m listening to the soundtrack, there’s a lot of despair and depression that comes up with the sickness. I know optimally in meditation, I shouldn’t be falling asleep.  I just wanted to get some guidance, is this really important that I not do that?”
  • “I’m wondering if there are any of the other tracks that you might suggest for going through a kind of extended dark transformation.”

Few written questions were also asked by some practitioners:

  • “I am using Holosync and about halfway through the program. I’ve bought your programs and I love them, however, I am hesitant to give up on the path that has been developed by Holosync because I am halfway there. Do you have any comments?”
  • “Do you have help for teeth problems such as infection, toothache? Could a drug be developed for strengthening the teeth by remineralizing them?”
  • “I recently moved countries and left my corporate job in order to start my own business. I find myself less stressed or tired nowadays. However, the ironies that I start to experience more are challenges to my sleep. I became a very light sleeper and oftentimes, I find myself not able to fall asleep until 3 or 4 am. Have you got any suggestions on how to get back to the normal sleeping cycle?”

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