NeuroStrength—what are the brainwaves that correlate with each track?

The NeuroStrength tracks feature unique and subtle combinations of and biofield frequencies to support peak performance.

Track 1 – Enter the Zone – This pre-performance preparation track features various alpha and gamma frequencies for effortless focus and poised relaxation: the Zone-state.

Track 2 – Focused Intensity – This high energy track features an even more sophisticated blend of theta, alpha, beta and gamma frequencies. When used during intense exercise or sports performance, it not only fuels the high-intensity energy needed for maximum performance, but also facilitates the uncommonly deep, centered focus and poise that accompanies effortless mind-body FLOW.

Track 3 – Cool Down and Recovery – This post-workout track facilitates enhanced recovery by encouraging deep relaxation, metabolic efficiency and the natural production of growth hormone. It features frequencies in the alpha, theta and delta ranges.

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