Call of the Heart Info


The original soundtracks from Call of the Heart come from Vidia Wesenlund’s album, Night Light.

Here are the original titles and the translations of the lyrics – that we have so far. (All translations by Jenny Parsons)

  1. Three Stars Walking – Byssan Lull Koka Kittelen Full

Hush little one, fill the cauldron full.
There are three walkers on the way.
One he has a limp.
The second he is blind.
And the third he has ragged clothes.

Hush little one, fill the cauldron full.
In the sky wander three stars.
One is so white.
The other is so red.
The third is the moon, the yellow.

Hush little one, fill the cauldron full.
Three ships are sailing on the wave.
The first is a bark.
The second is a brig.
The third has such broken sails.

Hush little one, fill the cauldron full.
The sea chest has three small figures.
The first is our faith.
The second is our hope.
The third is love, the red one.

2. Love Love – Love Lova Line

3. Holding – Sulla Meg Litt

4. Song of Mama Troll – Trollmors Sang

When mamma troll has put her eleven trolls to bed
and tied her tail to theirs,
she slowly sings for her eleven little trolls
the most beautiful words she knows.
Ho aj aj aj aj buff…

5. Mama’s Song – Mammas Sang

  1. Light calling – Sa Ro Godt barn

Sleep calm little baby, mother is spinning blue yarn.
Hush hush little baby soon your father will be here.
Father he runs the plow, sister walks in the woods,
Sister is herding the goats up far north.
Brother walks for hours, blows in the horn.
The goat walks in the grove with leaves and grass in his mouth.

  1. The healing rose – Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa

I know a lovely flower white as lily petals.
And when I think about her, my heart is filled with joy.
Her voice gives comfort to my heart.
Like the soft sound of the nightingale.
So beautiful and sweet.

As the sun shines beauteous, she is like purple
God grant you never mourn but always be happy
Let them come together
With their hearts filled with delight and joy
The ones who long for each other

Every day the sun goes down and then daily rises.
When will that day come when I will behold you?
In my thoughts you are always close.
Farewell, farewell to you my love.
Many thousand times good night.

8. Ever-Present Light – Bysjan Bysjan Lite Ban