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 Is creativity essential in your life?

Dear friend, 

I want to let you know about the new iAwake Creativity Collection, which consists of seven curated tracks to best help and inspire your creativity, available now at a very special price. 

One of the things that this technology actually does – and maybe we don’t talk about it enough – is facilitate our creative processes.

When we are in the zone – the creative zone – and we are creating something of value for our people,
I think it’s about as good as it gets in the range of top human experiences. Perhaps my favorite Christian theologian, Matthew Fox, once said in his book,
Creativity: Where the Divine and Human Meet, “We are never closer to God than when we are creating.” The creature becomes Creator.

I have just gone through the birthing of a very important and powerful song – and although I play a lot of guitar, I hadn’t written a song in many years. What started the creation process was the pain, sorrow, and anger I felt over Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It hurt bad, and I thought, God, there must be something – or a song I could write to express my feelings. 

So it began. I tried to think about how to write a song, because years ago I had written a number of very good songs, but I couldn’t remember how I did it. Well, in my prayer and meditation using iAwake tracks, I continued to struggle with the spark of creativity, so that this desire could become a reality.

Then it happened. The first chord, the first word, over and over, until it wrote itself. I had the chorus – the refrain – but I had no verses. Then I started writing. I did all six verses and the coda in less than two days! It felt like I was downloading something from the Source and it was coming through me.

This technology and the below tracks and the access they facilitate into our deeper self seem in a mysterious way to break the boundaries of our stuckness and clear the barnacles away from the keel of our mind.

We all have gifts to give and one of the great tragedies in a human life is if we never give them. So find out what you want to create, what you want to bring forth, and use these iAwake tracks to open the inner pathways to your inner self, where creature and Creator become one, and give birth to new, beautiful form.

May great creativity and wisdom come from your practice with these extraordinary tools. And may your work bless us all. Remember, you do matter. You have a role to play. 

With great love and respect,


    John Dupuy

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Album Cover of Alpha Arising
A sonic journey of deep relaxation, enhanced focus, and presence

“These tracks are immensely inviting…like opening a secret mystery door and stepping into the light of peace and joy!” – Lisa Celentano, MA, LMHC

Catalyze your thinking and creativity

“This track literally rewrote the script in my brain! It’s like it scrubbed away all the thoughts that are not true about myself and connected me to the deepest truth about who I am.” – Lisa Celentano, MA, LMHC

Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology

I have been using the whole 70 minutes each day and since the fourth of march. I am noticing that I feel great lately and things do not bother me. I use it to go within to solve life problems I may be having each day. It is great.  ~ Edward Farrel

Advanced Audio Entrainment Technology for Focus, Flow, Relaxation, and Joy
The End of the Exile

“I felt a potency and hopefulness that has been missing for me for some time.”  – Neal

The Resonance of the Earth-Ionispheric Cavity in 3D Nature and Ambient Sounds

Really love its cleansing, invigorating, transporting, relaxing vibe. It really won me over from the first listen and just got better.  ~ Roshana Ariel

Complete Brainwave Suite for Flow State Mastery

Creativity is really hacked with this product!  ~ Scott

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