Welcome California Police Chiefs from iAwake®

A Letter from John Dupuy, CEO of iAwake® Technologies

Dear Chief,

I feel so strongly that using iAwake's brainwave entrainment technology will be of great benefit in helping, healing, and supporting police officers that I am making a selection of our iAwake transformational library available to you and your fellow police chiefs, pro bono.

These are the same tracks that Chief Ryan Johansen is offering to the officers of the San Bruno Police Department as part of his Integral Wellness Program.

Each track is related to a specific use case:

  • Pre-shift: 15-min alpha track
  • Post-stressful incident: 3 20-min releasing tracks
  • Rejuvenating tool: 25-min power nap
  • A.M. brain function & flexibility tool: 25-min warm-up track
  • Sleep aid: 1 hr track + 20-min loopable delta track
  • Integrating loss/grief/trauma I: 3 20-min theta tracks
  • Integrating loss/grief/trauma II: 1 hour releasing track

All I request is that you try them out and feel the power of this technology, and imagine how it could help the police officers whom you serve. 

The technology is easy to use with the free iAwake app. If you simply send your email address to us at, with CA Chiefs in the subject line, we will get you set up right away to where these tracks show up for you once you have downloaded the free app.

If you have questions about this technology or would like to share your experience in using the technology, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

And please check out our website to find out more about the technology, explore our vast array of products, and discover the many ways brainwave entrainment can be used to optimize performance, such as:

  • deepening our individual spiritual connection
  • releasing stress and negative energy
  • healing PTSD and trauma
  • enhancing focus & flow
  • experiencing deep relaxation
  • feeling rejuvenated and reenergized

I’d like to add that I feel personally connected to this noble profession and community, as my older brother was a border patrolman and I served in the US Army as a military policeman and later an investigator. 

And as San Bruno Police Chief Ryan Johansen, who has had a huge part in the inspiration for this project said in a conversation, “I love cops.” The feeling is mutual. Thank you for all you are doing in the service of our people and country.


John Dupuy

Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction by John Dupuy, winner of the 2013 Best Book Award

"Wow. Anyone serious about recovery, and a truly holistic approach to living a full, rich and vital life, will want to read this book. Study it, make notes in the margins, earmark pages, highlight sections, and return to it for deeper and deeper insights. My copy looks like a well-worn and loyal friend (the best kind!). As a practitioner of brainwave entrainment, I found myself in “lockstep” (as we say in entrainment parlance) with author John Dupuy and his explanation and enthusiasm for this powerful practice. Run, don’t walk to the BUY NOW button! This truly is a great tool for anyone defining his or her life by the spirit of recovery rather than by the torment of addiction. ~ Kyla Merwin


As police executives, we know all too well how critical it is for our officers to be in the right headspace as they take on the vast array of work that this job requires. We understand that bringing stress, anger, or frustration into an already strained interaction is a recipe for disaster for our cops, our departments, and our communities. iAwake provides your officers with an amazingly simple way to not only enter the right headspace before they deploy, but to recalibrate and rebalance following stressful incidents, so they don’t take that stress with them into their next contact. iAwake will enhance sleep, calm, and overall sense of well-being for your cops, all while training their brains to self-regulate more effectively over time. This can all be accomplished with a cellphone and an iAwake subscription…all they have to do is listen to the tracks. Simply put, you will not find a more effective, affordable means of enhancing the immediate and long- term emotional intelligence of your staff.

~ San Bruno Police Chief Ryan Johansen

"After a year of usage, I can honestly say I have undergone a transformation in the fullest sense of the word. I am more able to notice when I am distracted or not present with my family. I seem to be more "on the ball" thinking ahead and pre-emotive. My work has benefited hugely through a greater degree of focused concentration on the task at hand. I feel clearer, calmer, and more alert, and certainly more able to handle challenge than a year ago. Thank you iAwake® team for this blessing". ~ Louis Parsons

"I spent 15 years going from the very beginning of Centerpointe all the way to the end of Flowering. It's a long path. It's very expensive, and what John's put together is 2% of the cost and 5,000% of the possibility, and nobody knows about it. So I don't know how to sell that, but I think iAwake is the best deal on the Internet when it comes to putting you in touch with who you are. We're just listening to some noise or, you know, whatever you want to call it, but it's beautiful noise. So thank you, John. Thank you." ~ Michael Eisbrener

"I have already purchased Profound Meditation (I use this one daily), and Stealing Flow (love this one), along with a few others. I have used entrainment tracks for years, starting way back in the day with Holosync. These are hands down the best tracks I've come across. They are absolutely beautifully designed. So excited to try the other offerings!" -- Matt Haught

"Life changing! Having been struggling to develop a daily practice for two decades now, I am so incredibly grateful for this technology - it's really extraordinary. PMP 3.0 is what has really made the difference. I have also been listening to Integral Recovery (I am not an addict but I do have a complicated relationship with alcohol and cannabis) which has supported my practice." -- J.P. (England)

"I have witnessed miracles and miraculous healings and facilitated spontaneous awakenings in my friends and family as a result of using this technology. I can't thank you enough for unleashing this beautiful and powerful method for tapping into divinity and the ever present infinite awareness of embodied feeling in the present moment. My life and reality has been deeply and profoundly upcycled...Thank you!" -- Andrew McDermott

We have had the good fortune of collaborating with iAwake® Technologies and their exceptional brainwave technology for close to a decade. We were able to create an amazing new offering for our community while also navigating the tremendous financial challenges of the global pandemic. We can not recommend iAwake® technologies products and their team highly enough. They are an exceptional organization, and their incredible products have helped our business reach a new level. ~ Leif Frankling, Creative Director, Sacred Media LLC