iAwake Technologies has a special commitment to helping veterans.
If you are a veteran, or currently enlisted, we are offering a 50% discount.


The Profound Meditation Program 3.0 neurotechnology was designed, in part, to assist people dealing with stress and trauma, as it can bring up the trauma for integration and healing in a non-threatening way and long-term use helps strengthen the nervous system to handle life stress with more equanimity and acceptance and even joy.

NOTE: The discount coupon ONLY applies to Profound Meditation Program 3.0 as we believe this provides the core tools for coping with stress and healing trauma.

How can I avail the veteran discount?

Email us at support@iawaketechnologies.com telling us you'd like the discount along with a copy of your DD Form 214, LES, Enlistment Contract, or Statement of Service.

If email is not available, you can also FAX your information to (435) 565-4783, or mail to:

iAwake Technologies
PO Box 146
Teasdale UT 84773

NOTE: Please blacken out your SS# for privacy protection.

Within 24 hours of receiving the form, during the business week, we will send you a promotional code for you to enter during the purchase process.


From a Vet...

What I have learned in both VA Therapy and through trial and error is that if I can reduce my stress, my life works better: I can make better decisions. I don't feel so overwhelmed by my military experiences and what I try or want to forget.

It doesn't mean that I won't have night sweats or flashbacks or anger or rage sometimes that I have to deal with, but it does mean that all of these will be Fewer or Affect me less if I deal with my Stress everyday. Night sweats and Flashbacks are part of what you and I know will probably Be there for us forever...and nobody knows what you and I have seen or done.

I have found that Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with my stress. Yes, I can watch my thoughts, change them if I can, but sometimes, and you know this, we get Triggered. Sometimes there is a "reason" we get triggered, other times, and this is often the case, we just don't Know how we get triggered. What we do know is that once we Are triggered, It's There and Strong and it can Last for a while or for hours.

While I was a TM meditator for over 20 years, I found that it was not working for me like it used to. So, I began exploring other systems and that's when I found iAwake meditations. I use various iAwake programs, depending on my level of stress and if I am triggered. A few of my favorites are: The iAwake Experience, Profound Meditation, Vision Quest, PMP3 Release, Flow State. However, I have yet to use Any meditation program that they offer and not find it very beneficial to me.

There is nothing that you have to "do" except put on your headphones and just let these programs work for you. I also use other programs they offer, like Audio Serenity, AudioChi and Meditative Ocean, as great background music.

What I observe and feel during the any of these meditation programs is that my heart rate drops back into my normal range, my overall body tension changes and relaxes, my pain goes down, and my mind can let go of the trigger. I become calm and focused and whatever it was that bothered me, it bothers me far less. I feel more like my self again. I haven't found any thing more effective that meditation to do this.

I have found that these programs are way better than any meds I could take, way better than just trying to change my thoughts and way better than thinking "I can just Deal with It" in my mind. I know you have been there with that one.

From one Veteran to another, I hope you will give the iAwake meditation programs a chance. I can tell you that they have made a world of difference to me and that these programs are well worth your time to use. Back in the world, we're no longer FNG's.

Most Sincerely,

John D. Stickle
USAF 1966-1970
Honorable Discharge Sergeant