Positive Addiction – 9.14.16

John talks about the benefits of soaking in really cold water, and then going to the hot. The cold water brings the blood to your major organs, to your brain and your heart, so that you don’t die. And the warm water spreads it out. He shared that it burns a lot of calories and his knees have been a little bit sore and it really helped the pain to go away. He also shared that if a person will work out for a year, just get to the gym or whatever kind of workout it is. That after a year they have found that almost in all cases people will continue to workout for the rest of their lives because at that point it becomes what they call a positive addiction.

John also recommended a website https://www.amplifield.com/ where you can meditate together with people all over the world.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “Is it okay if one listens to, for example, NeuroFlow tracks more than once a day?”
  • “My experience with the tracks is, it is good if you give your time to listen, to know them because they are different and depending on how you feel. You say, ‘I need a little bit of peace,’ ‘I need a little bit of concentration,’ and what I do a lot of times is I sleep listening to the tracks. It depends like for example, right now, I like the meditations from Joseph Kao – the spoken and guided meditations, and the ones without voice. I think they help me a lot because the next day I have more space because I have been listening. I sleep, I don’t have any problem with sleeping, but something happens the next day, and there is space for everything. It helps me, so it’s good to know the tracks.”
  • “There are these high resolution audio players and I am thinking of buying one of these. Can you recommend… any advice?”

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