Wake Up and Grow Up – 8.10.16

John talks about the challenge of iAwake which is to wake up and to grow up. He shares that waking up means deep spiritual realization of your own essence of what you are on the deepest level and even on the shallow levels. Along with waking up, it is necessary that we grow up. Grow up means that we develop through the different stages of moral and ethical development to the highest levels that are humanly possible.

Below is a comment by one of the listeners:

  • “I’m so grateful for the iAwake program and I’m so grateful for your mission and I really resonate with that and I appreciate that. The question I have is that I have been using the Profound Meditation Program for a couple of months now. I have been experiencing anxiety and some depression. The anxiety just went away like a miracle when I started using the Tier 1 CD. I have never experience anything like that. I find that I’m a little uncertain about which of the different applications are intended for which use, so if you have any suggestions for me and if that is appropriate for this phone call.”

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