A Conversation with Listeners – 8.24.16

Javi Otero, the CTO of iAwake Technologies, conducted another discussion with listeners to learn about their practices, the tracks they are using, and any obstacles to their practice.

Some comments in this coaching call:

  • “I recently got started on these calls a month or so ago after purchasing the Reasonance track and had been intrigued by them but at this point not using them very much. So, I have been attending the calls to hear others’ experience of those tracks on Reasonance.”
  • “There’s something about my experience with Reasonance. It seems much more alive than some of these other tracks that I have been listening to over the last couple of years from different producers and creators. And I am realizing now that one of the reasons that I think I have not gone back to the Reasonance CD is out of the sense of higher regard or respect. It almost feels to me like if I am just playing it in the background, that somehow disrespectful to the sounds. And I have a very different relationship with these sounds than I do with any of the others that I have collected and then I play on a routine basis. It really is almost like that Reasonance is an entity and if feels disrespectful to me to just turn it on and play it in the background. I am realizing it as I am talking that it requires something much more intentional for me to engage in that. It’s not worthy somehow just playing it in the background. I didn’t know that until just now but I have a different relationship with those tracks than I do with anything else that I listen to.”

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