John talks with Javi Otero, iAwake Technologies' CTO and creator of our newest track called Reasonance*. It is a track created using Lynnclaire Dennis' Mereon Matrix.

*We are no longer distributing Reasonance, but if you want to explore another fractal entrainment product, please check out Javi Otero's The Spark.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • \"I got my Reasonance CD a few days ago along with the electronic downloads and I listened to all of it once. One of my basic questions is, other than just the lovely symbolism of it, is there a practical reason why the durations are 33 minutes 33 seconds and 11 minutes 11 seconds respectively?\"
  • \"I am a developmental coach and I specialize in guiding people who are Science Tech, Engineering, Medical professionals and I love the idea having listened to Reasonance once. I love the idea of listening to that as part of my preparation as a coach.\"
  • \"I have an old pair of Harman Kardon speakers that came with my desktop computer 13 years ago. Are those satisfactory to use for the speaker track?\"
  • \"I am wondering the converse of everything we have been talking about, if these highly intentional highly specifically precisely engineered sound are understood to be also fine for us? Does anybody know or wondered if listening to something like complex jazz could actually be harmful in any way to our health systems or our evolution in some way?\"
  • \"I just wanted to congratulate Javi on the brilliance of this track which I have been using for weeks now.\"
  • \"After almost one and a half year of using entrainment, 90% from iAwake, I can practice Shikantaza with very little effort.\"

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