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Revolutionary Lambda Brainwave Meditation for Entering Transcendent Consciousness

Blissful, stunning, heartfelt, high, and breathtaking.  ~ Christopher Worthing

The End of the Exile

“I felt a potency and hopefulness that has been missing for me for some time.”  – Neal

Finding Refuge in Alpha
A place of peace amid the storms of life

Just perfect. On the first usage, I immediately felt “Ahhhhhh yes. This is just what I needed.”  ~ R.C.

The Resonance of the Earth-Ionispheric Cavity in 3D Nature and Ambient Sounds

Really love its cleansing, invigorating, transporting, relaxing vibe. It really won me over from the first listen and just got better.  ~ Roshana Ariel

Theta Power Meditation

… it seems that slowly, on the back end, this track does the work of cleaning the soul deep within.   ~ Roberto

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