Let us introduce you to the world's first and only bio-energetic audio entrainment system, a powerful tool that can change your life forever.




  • • Experience deep meditation quickly
  • • Evolve and deepen your spiritual life
  • • Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
  • • Increase your creativity
  • • Deepen compassion for yourself and others

Download iAwake Explore - 3 tracks (free) designed to give you a taste of the solutions we provide for relaxation, optimal performance, spiritual development, and healing.

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Straight to your being

Portable bodymind experiences made possible

Rhythm is the basic language of nature.

We are constantly being entrained to the many cycles present in life, often without even realizing it.

Imagine using the power of resonance to set your mood
and dial the brainwave states you want.

Think focus, relaxation, creativity, joy...
delivered through a pair of headphones.

Welcome to iAwake.

"Genuinely Transformational"

Louis ParsonsI am not easily given to praise, in a world where there seem to be so many answers and cures and remedies. So many people claim to have the perfect solution to our problems. But I have to say, I have found both the use of PMP 2.0 and 3.0 to be genuinely transformational. I don't say this lightly.

I am a full-time business owner and father of a young family. It's felt like energy, focus, and attention are increasingly rare commodities for me as life gets more and more complex! Life and work can be so busy and so demanding of these precious things….

After a year of usage, I can honestly say I have undergone a transformation in the fullest sense of the word. My consciousness has shifted up a level. I am more able to notice when I am distracted or not present with my family. I seem to be more "on the ball" thinking ahead and pre-emotive. Even my wife has commented on this (which is something of a miracle!).

My work has benefited hugely through a greater degree of focused concentration on the task at hand. I feel clearer, calmer, and more alert, and certainly more able to handle challenge than a year ago.

[iAwake] has benefited and evolved my practice, my understanding, and my embodiment of god, life, and the creative impulse. And this is just the beginning!

Thank you iAwake team for this blessing.

Louis Parsons

Download iAwake to your devices

Computers, iPhone, iPads, tablets, mp3 players...

These are tools you can download onto your Smartphone, iPod, or similar devices - in other words, take your temple of inner peace wherever you go. Use it before the day starts, while commuting, at your office, before meetings... even in airports or during flights, or for brief, peaceful interludes throughout your busy day, including the final unwind before bed.
Discover the vastness and expansiveness of your own inner world.


Life is a mirror

The outer is an expression of the inner

Incredibly, the beauty and goodness of life can lose its shine as we go about this emotional journey that being alive is. Time goes by and we might find ourselves carrying the weight of unresolved issues, traumas and conditioning, that are keeping us from enjoying our full potential...


Change the way you look at things,

and the things you see might change...

Let today be the first day of a transformed life and discover a fast track into the best version of yourself: experience more joy, creativity, and spiritual connection.

From opposing to observing:

What a meditation track can do for your life

Humankind has developed countless techniques to still the mind, concentrate, and end wrong perceptions. With our meditation technology, and just by practicing daily, your brain will quickly be transformed to function at a much higher level. Not only will bouncing back to center be easier, but unlike before, when you resorted to the automatic reactions typical of being stressed, you will gently let each moment unfold, free of the restraints of judgment.

These are some of the brainwave states that you will easily access, as you begin to experience the fruits of a meditation practice that formerly took many years to accomplish.



The most commonly found pattern in meditation. Calm focus and inner harmony.



A very deep state of meditation often associated with profound relaxation, creativity, and bliss.



An extraordinary meditative state correlated with intuition, healing, ecstasy, and peace.



A blissful state of compassion, inspiration, self-awareness, and unconditional love.

Enhance these core meditation
practices with iAwake

Daily practice and a pair of headphones can make all the difference: research shows that grateful people are happier, more optimistic, more energetic, more mindful, more able to cope with stress, more resourceful, and generally kinder to life, themselves, and others.



Also known as "witnessing,\" mindfulness is the art of fully being here and now, simply letting the present moment unfold.



Compassion involves active cultivation of an open, generous, loving heart toward all sentient beings, including yourself.



The ultimate solution to every problem requires the very dissolution of the problem itself. This is accomplished by letting go.


Gratitude is a muscle

It's all about practice

Positive, lasting emotions don't just \"happen\"
like the weather, they can be practiced!
In fact, invoking them intentionally together with simply \"being in the now,\" are some of the keys to those advanced, scientifically measurable states of coherence that seasoned meditators have traditionally described.
Be determined to live fully and to live meaningfully:
learn how to transform negative emotions and fill your life with
gratitude, love, and purpose.

Can meditation technology help us?

Absolutely! If you are wondering how long it takes to achieve such peak states, according to experts, it can take from two to three years of intense dedication using traditional methods alone. Perhaps a bit challenging for our complex, modern, busy lives... unless armed with curiosity, willingness, and a pair of headphones!


To heal the self is to heal the world

iAwake Technologies was founded in 2010 with the mission of helping the world to heal, wake up, and evolve, through creating and offering cutting-edge, transformational technologies and promoting and inspiring their skillful use in our daily lives.



Co-founder and CEO

I suffered from severe depression and emotional trauma, found healing through the application of this technology - and now use it as a core part of my work as an addiction recovery professional and teacher.

These audio tracks are not toys or gimmicks, but are serious transformational tools that will help heal your emotional life, deepen your spiritual life, and vastly enhance your creative capacity through dedicated and daily practice.

This is the opportunity, this is the challenge.

Experience the power of iAwake.
Innovative psychoacoustics for enhanced mindfulness, de‑stressing, getting in the flow,
and profound meditation.


What's different about iAwake Technologies?

iAwake's pioneering catalog consists of powerful sound sessions combining the latest advances in psychoacoustics and energy medicine. All our products have been carefully engineered and tested to make sure that they increase our body-mind coherence, gently taking our emotions and consciousness towards better functioning states.

Binaural Encoding


Dichotic stimulation for a brain-induced mood and performance enhancer.

Isochronic Encoding


Strong on and off pulses for increased entrainment effect and reduction in tension and pain.

Monaural Encoding


Acoustic beating to mechanically excite other areas of your hearing system and brain, no headphones required.



Organic entrainment effects via careful selection of musical textures and rhythms.

Biofield Energy


High coherence energy signatures to go beyond brainwaves and entrain your whole energetic system.

Fractal Entrainment


Complex, innovative, and ever-changing sonic scenes to infuse states of natural resonance.


Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

"I highly recommend this particular meditation technology in support of our growth as individuals, to help balance our energies, and to deepen our access to our inner wisdom.

The iAwake Technologies tracks work at many levels and the support given to iAwake Technologies practitioners is phenomenal, including free weekly teleseminars for discussion and Q&A.\"


D.Ed from Harvard University and internationally known authority on Mature Adult Development.

Clarity, Focus, and Discipline

29,480+ people support their meditation practice using iAwake Technologies

\"This is like breathing; I choose to have this in my life. To say it has changed me is an understatement. I have started a new business, I am not as tired; I smile more, smile while I listen to waves; I have made commitments and TOOK ACTION on heartfelt things I had not attended to before; have more mind energy, body energy, discipline, focus. I love this... I tried everything, Tony Robbins, Silva, quantum jumping. Although they worked to a certain point, there was a missing ingredient.
This is the missing ingredient.\"

Evelyn Eaglesong

Spontaneous Mindfulness

We design an ever-growing, ever-evolving library of transformational tools that helps millions of people from all walks of life dramatically experience deeper states of joy, peace, creativity, and purpose.