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This week's meditation is the 33-minute track of 01 Guided Meditation from Deep Recovery, From the Darkness of Addiction to the Happiness and Freedom of Deep Recovery

From the Darkness of Addiction to the Happiness and Freedom of Deep Recovery

Deep Recovery  is a powerful brain entrainment meditation tool that can form an essential part of an ongoing spiritual and healing practice. Deep Recovery  consists of two 33-minute tracks of entrainment designed music created by master composer, Leigh Spusta. The first track features a guided meditation and visualization by John Dupuy that lasts for about 12 minutes. The second track features the same powerful entrainment sounds but without the guided meditation. The guided meditation is designed to take you into the depths where healing and transformation happen.


"I had a patient come in who has been using the Deep Recovery program as part of our work to recover from an opiate addiction, she’s said it has been instrumental. Every day I see iAwake® help my patients, family and friends on so many levels, and better yet I get to watch them grow and heal as they listen and meditate at home. Amazing."  ~ S.A. Certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Childhood Friends (2)

Then Joseph began questioning his friend,
What have you brought me? You know a traveler
should not arrive empty-handed at the door
of a friend like me. That is like going
to the grinding stone without your wheat.

God will ask at the resurrection, Did you bring me
a present? Did you think you wouldn't see me?

Joseph keeps teasing, Let's have it.
I want my gift.

The guest began, You cannot imagine
how I have looked for something for you.
Nothing seemed appropriate. You don't take gold
down into a goldmine, or a drop of water
to the Sea of Oman. Everything I thought of
was like bringing cumin seed to Kirmanshah
where cumin comes from. You have all seeds
in your barn. You even have my love
and my soul, so I cannot bring those.

I have brought you a mirror.
Look at yourself and remember me.

~ from Coleman Barks' A Year with Rumi