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This week's meditation is the 33:33-minute track of 03 The Spark from The Spark, Fractal Sound Technology for Focus & Flow.

Fractal Sound Technology for Focus & Flow

Our inquiry into how recorded sound can further facilitate the harmonious functioning of our mental, emotional, and physical systems has sparked a new sound technology called Fractal Entrainment.

Experience: the kinetic resonance of nature • relaxed alertness • ability to stay focused while you are working or studying, on the computer • mood brightening • mind over chatter • cognitive lift • energy boosting • emotional balance


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I’ve used other techniques that use bilateral audio stimulation (BrainSpotting and EMDR, for example), but this is so much more complex and interesting than anything I’ve come across, and its much more immersive and effective. Very relaxing and restful to just let go and get lost in the sounds…

Behind Each Eye

Spring overall. But inside us
there is another unity.

Behind each eye
one glowing weather.

Every forest branch moves differently
in the breeze, but as they sway
they connect at the roots.

~ from Coleman Barks' A Year with Rumi