TransTech 2019 Participants
Explore iAwake's Transformational Sound Tech


What can the iAwake Experience do for you?

•  Experience deep meditation quickly
• Evolve and deepen your spiritual life
• Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
• Increase your creativity
• Deepen compassion for yourself and others

Scan the code or click on the code to get your three free tracks and read the information below on how to get the most out of your iAwake experience.

iTunes_Deeply Theta

Deeply Theta

10 Minutes

A journey into stillness
and awakening intuition

Stealing Flow

Stealing Flow - Warm-up

25 Minutes

A full-spectrum, whole-brain workout


Profound Meditation 3.0

20 Minutes

Experience Deep Meditation Now

As participants of TTC 2019, we are pleased to offer you a 20% discount for the full versions.

Experience neurotechnology that radically decreases the learning curve for relaxing, meditating, focusing.

Do NOT be fooled by the sounds - pay attention to what you experience as you use these powerful tracks.

To best facilitate your experience, please:

use stereo headphonesUse stereo (not mono) headphones while you listen, because the technology uses strategic stereo separation to influence brainwave patterns and will be less effective if not used with headphones.

create a quiet, comfortable spaceCreate a quiet, comfortable space in which to listen undisturbed for the session. Drink a glass of water before and after each session.

review user manualReview the User eManuals found here:

User eManuals

warningDo not listen while driving or operating ANY machinery.

Please read the full disclaimer prior to first use.