Transmuting Existential Fears – 2.4.15

Join John’s exploration of hope as this natural byproduct of maintaining an ongoing and meaningful meditation practice. Learn how iAwake helps this practice become deeper and more stable, something of invaluable use for those who might struggle with it and for dedicated practitioners alike. Why are doing so much work on ourselves you might ask? Just to create more and better space so that we can all bring forth the full potential of being human.

Some questions in this coaching call include:

  • I have Profound Meditation Program 3.0, but am interested in add on sessions. Not sure where to go or which to try? NeuroCharger? HeartWave Meditation?
  • How can one deal with the fear/anxiety associated to digging material that might be uncomfortable?
  • How is the best use of the biofield technology? Can it also overwhelm you?
  • I know Eric has left to pursue his own direction but will he develop any further products for iAwake or will this not happen?
  • Why did Eric Thompson leave iAwake and how is Leigh Spusta’s work different from what you have produced before?
  • Please name the biofield tracks that can be played in the background.


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