The Solution to Every Problem – 5.28.14

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about their recent trip to Hungary for the Integral European Conference where he spoke with Jeff Salzman who said that “the solution to every problem is developmental”. John elaborates on this by talking about the importance of practice for us to evolve and to be able to reach the next levels of development for us to be able to find the solutions that our world currently faces.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “Is it true that we can only speak to that with which we are intimately involved with, and would that invalidate the relative value of these programs? I mean if we can only see blue, how can we conceive what yellow would be?”
  • “Would you classify these programs as being geared primarily for addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill?”
  • “I have read the warning on the Profound Meditation Program manual not to listen to the entrainment for more than two hours per day – does that apply to only using headphones? Can you listen to entrainment tracks for more than two hours per day if you’re not using headphones such as Audio Serenity?”
  • “When I try to meditate, I use the Profound Relief from Stress and Anxiety from Sounds True that you sold through them. A lot of times, I have to do it twice before I settle down and pay attention. Often, it’s over before I know it. I used to do Profound Meditation Program, but my anxiety is sometimes overwhelming, so I have to start with this now. Is this normal?”
  • “How does a person find that balance of the right stuff in their life where it’s not just the meditation, not just the technology… how does a person cover their bases, and not get lost on certain paths? How does a person do that skillfully especially if there’s something hard going on, and making sure that a person gets the right treatment for the problem?”


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