The One Two Three of God – 8.21.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about Ken Wilber’s The One Two Three of God. In John’s preamble, the word “God” does not necessarily mean in the religious sense of the word – the word “God” can mean the ground of being, experience, a presence, a conscious, an awareness… all that and more that seems to be located within each one of us. He says that in our practice, we can be comfortable or at least we can experiment with the three different perspectives discussed in The One Two Three of God towards transcendental reality.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I purchased Harmonic Resonance Meditation a few weeks ago and finally listened to the alpha track last night. I’m an experienced meditator and have been using brainwave entrainment technologies for 12 years. It was great. I loved it! And, I have a question for you – maybe I missed the answer in the support material – about the silent use of these tracks. Do you need to be touching the playing device or do the waves extend into the environment? If so, how far?”
  • “I have sinusitis which has turned into allergic reactions to every little scent. My head is quite congested, although it has been worse in the past. This morning, I did 20 minutes of Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Tier 1 Track 1 at about 7:30am. At about 10:30am, I had something to eat that had some MSG in it. Anyway, I was having a little snooze, then my brain started shaking – that was how it felt literally. A little like shaking, but on the inside and in my head. Then, within a few minutes, my body temperature dropped. Should I discontinue brainwave entrainment? Have you ever heard of the program having some adverse effects on people? If so, which ones and what should I look for?”
  • A question about the One Two Three of God: “I understand that in that first person deep experience, you can just rest as that – the ground of being, as just spirit. But, yes, transcending the ego, it’s better to do it that way to kind of experience that. I guess my question is how can a person, if they find themself contracted in themself, but yet, they’re still kind of… can a person still get in touch with that first person awareness?”


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