Suffering Makes Us Human – 3.4.15

John shares how his current situation of being under great stress makes that very simple things become really difficult to do. However, here is where all the training kicks in – staying with the pain and our practice during tough times can be hard as one often has to go through all that might otherwise be kept aside. Feeling what’s there and surrendering to the situation is simply realizing that suffering makes us human and that we can do it in a mindful way.

Some questions in this weekly coaching call include:

  • What is the best track to use when reading?
  • Are there any books that you would recommend for someone who wants to improve their meditation practice?
  • Any recommendations regarding emotional healing and releasing? Also, how important is the intent we establish prior to a chosen track to aid in healing and releasing?
  • What do you recommend for a program that uses guided meditation and that targets substance abusers and a severely anxious/depressed individual?
  • What does Return to the Heart mean to John (this is in reference to the Return to the Heart of Christ Consciousness event)?

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