Spiritual Maturing – 11.20.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about spiritual maturing (a term that he prefers over the word “enlightenment”) and how this is an ongoing process throughout our whole life.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “You know well that when talking about brainwave entrainment we are using directly or indirectly some kind of spiritual technology or meditation. The thing here is that meditation is more about the transformation that slowly occurs in the entire process, due to the regular and consistent practice. But, I see that your product Profound Meditation Program 3.0 for meditation the first track go fast from beta to delta and sub-delta!

    Consider that, when one first begins natural or traditionnal meditation, he is going to spend considerable amounts of time naturally reaching deeper alpha states, then more time learning to stay more dominantly and consistently in alpha. Once he had mastered this (this may take several years), he may then begin to do the same with theta. If (and only if) he master this with theta, he may then begin to reach delta, though it is suspected that it takes decades of very dedicated practice to reach this the all-natural way!

    So, where is the progression in your program? As you know jumping from not meditating deeply, to delving deep into a delta state right away could cause very intense mental/emotional movement, which usually manifests as a rapid unveiling of self-imposed limitations, unconscious fears, negative emotional patterns, and negative self-beliefs. Of course, you may say that this is the true goal of meditation, but there is a reason that it doesn’t all happen at once.

    We should use meditation slowly and progressevely as a means to grow our self-awareness first. Once we have developed this self-awareness, we are then able to identify our own limiting beliefs, and issue that hold us back, and then resolve them through this awareness. This is a spiritual progression. But like onions, we all have many layers, and none of us are equipped to face all our baggage at once.

    What do you think?”


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