Releasing Trauma and Finding Love – 1.30.13

In this teleseminar, John Dupuy talks about the stages of releasing trauma and its importance. He also talks about how after we release our trauma, we will be able to find love in the deepest part of ourselves.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I have a 10 year old daughter and I would love for her to be able to use the meditation. Is she too young for this or could she start with the first program just doing 20 minutes or 40 minutes a day?”
  • “I have another question, John. This is about download. I just bought the download. I didn’t buy the CDs. I did download everything on my computer and from the past program that I used, they said to turn of the bass, so I did not have the bass boost on. I downloaded it to my Sony Walkman, but if I listen to my PMP 3, is it okay to put the bass on or should I leave any bass off?”
  • “There’s another download that you have called Audio Chi that has a life-force energy. What’s the difference – because I’m very concerned about chi. I’m into feng shui heavily.”
  • “With Digital Euphoria, can you do just one or two or three by itself, or is it best if you do them all three together?”
  • “I have a question about the Digital Chi. You talked about intention and the Effortless EFT. In Effortless EFT, are you saying you don’t tap, but you just sort of… I didn’t quite get how that worked.”
  • “If I have an iPod, does it work – it’s probably better with headphones than with earphones even if they’re like the better ones, right?”
  • “My son is 16 1/2 and has had dyslexia. It sort of improved a lot with tutoring, that kind of thing. I was interested on getting him to do the NeuroCharger. I wondered is it sort of left-right brain integration. For homework and that sort of thing, I was wondering how often and when that might be useful because I know there was a piece about how it can help with focus, study, and memory.”
  • “I bought the Profound Meditation Program a few months ago. I got gamma hyper gamma as part of the package. My question is, how should I integrate gamma in my meditation program? What sort of state is it supposed to encourage?”


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