Q&A with Pam Dupuy – 10.29.14

In this teleseminar, our Chief Operations Officer, Pam Dupuy takes some time to answer various questions that our practitioners have.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “The only tracks that support my meditation (I’ve had an off-on meditation practice for 17 years) are the Epsilon and the Releasing Tracks. I’ve tried with all the others, but I’m finding they sort of feel too stimulating. I have referred to your manual about this, so I’ve just stayed pretty much with Epsilon and Releasing Tracks. When I’ve tried to push myself a bit, it still feels too much. I’m wondering if this is because I’m diagnosed with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) about 8 years ago. One of the main issues with that is that your nervous system is often very activated.”
  • “Do you listen with your headphones on and then take them off once you feel you’ve kind of gone into the state?”
  • “I’ve been meditating for a long time, and I’ve used other products very much like this brainwave entrainment stuff from your competitors. I’m just getting started, so this is a very elementary question – I have two sets of three Primary Tracks and whatever else was in the bundle – but I noticed the ambient sound that’s on each track is either rain or the ocean. They’re really delightful – very nice. But, is there anything else? Anything different than that?”
  • “I’m a tennis player and Playing Golf in the Zone sounded like it fits with the same issues that many tennis players deal with. Is this recording one that other sports can use with the same effect or is this something specific to golf in particular?”
  • “Does the soundtrack override the technology of the binaural beats and the biofield technology? Would it be true to say then that actually the soundtrack is more important than the frequency?”
  • “On your website, there is a warning not to listen for more than two hours a day. Does that hold true for the separate tracks such as Audio Serenity, Digital Euphoria, or HeartWave Meditation?”


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