Profound Meditation Teleseminar 12.6.10

Topics covered during this Teleseminar

A co-founder of iAwake Technologies™ joined the call with John and asked Profound Meditation practitioners some questions. The responses of these advanced meditation practitioners were moving, engaging, and incredibly insightful.

Why are participants using binaural?

  • Supportive to establishing a regular meditation practice: “Binaural was something I could commit to”
  • As part of preparation for a zen meditation retreat intensive
  • To clear old patterns
  • The value of binaural to facilitate transformation – not just states but traits.
  • Used in conjunction with Qi Gong and Yoga – enhanced them

What changes have you noticed from your practice?

  • Quicker Acclimatization – Helps people acclimate more quickly to potential brain states – such as increased self-awareness and increased capacity to dis-identify from feelings and thoughts – develop a stronger internal observer
  • New Normal – I have found that this practice, combined with Rinzai Zen experience, presented not peak experience but an opening to a simpler, deeper, new normal.
  • Deep Awareness – “I experienced a much deeper awareness of the subtle container, a quality of crispness, supportive of the total practice.”
  • Non-attachment – “Deep interest in the insight without attachment.”
  • “More like a natural, a very organic process.”
  • Subtle Energy – “Martial artists are reporting the subtle energy moves more strongly and they are more sensitive to it”
  • Multiple lines of attention – “I noticed an increased capacity to hold multiple lines of pure attention.”
  • Dreams – a new experience: to shift from “me” in the dream, to the perspective of another person in the dream
  • Upheaval – “Nothing has come up besides deep meditation, it is sort of afterwards…being in a lot of pain.”
  • “Really deeply connecting with the root of compassion in the shadow work.”

How do people react when you tell them you are using this technology to support meditate?

  • “Some people are very accepting and already using the [brainwave] technology.”
  • “Curiosity about my experience”
  • “The teacher is not tuned into this methodology, but his dharma successor is”
  • “Increasing openness and interest in accelerating awakening. “
  • “We have an urgent [world] condition and this may be our time to look beyond the tried and true.”

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