Our Interiors Are Vast – 11.19.14

We are connected to everything, so how we live our lives and the choices that we make do matter. In this call, John illustrates how spiral dynamics work as a model for understanding our paths, how change can happen even while seemingly minor things are happening in what might feel like the periphery. With iAwake Technologies we can release lots of stuck energies and create all the space that is required for the new, the beautiful, and the truthful to arise.

Some questions in this teleseminar include:

  • “I started the program in October, and I have missed only two mornings – unavoidable. So, in the beginning… my question is this – probably technical and not pertaining to your talk today. In the beginning, my dreams changed dramatically. I felt a real vibrancy, a different vibration, and now it’s really settled down. I don’t recall my dreams as regularly, they’re not as clear. Can you speak to that for me?”
  • “Any concerns about using Digital Euphoria – Special Edition and getting overwhelmed? If so, would emotional release be appropriate? I’m new to iAwake, but 40-year meditator, and used Holosync for the last few years.”
  • “My question is about balance between practice and commitment to one’s path and finances. How do you balance all that… I mean, have you ever been in situations in which life seems to be testing you because what makes real sense doesn’t bring the money?”
  • “When I’m meditating my dog comes and sits on my lap. It’s kind of comforting, but I wonder if it’s hindering the practice in anyway.”


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