Nonduality, Enlightenment and Practice – 4.11.12

In this talk I cover some of the misconceptions and magical beliefs about enlightenment and why that has caused us so much trouble in the past, and I talk about what I believe to be a balanced and honest assessment of what we can expect through our practices and skillful means in using these transformational technologies that are coming on line for us now.

One of the basic lessons that is brought out in the talk, is that in our meditations we focus on becoming the context, the spacious awareness that all things arise in, and as we do this, over time, with our daily practice and our new technologies, the experience of being alive, awake and being human transforms radically and beautifully. So it is time for us all to get involved in being evolved.

We love your feedback, let us know your experience and what you are thinking about this.

~ John Dupuy

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