John talks about tweaking your practice for those who have been around for a while. If you got any aspect of yourself that you want to develop greatness and real mastery, then you have to practice. You have to discover practice, you have to learn how to practice, you have to be challenged by practice, and you have to realize that you\'re going to suck when you first start.

He also talks about the four important aspects in practice which consists of the body, mind, emotional, and spiritual.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • \"I just purchased World Kirtan and I haven\'t used it yet. I just downloaded it yesterday. I was hoping maybe you can talk a little about how to use it. I\'ve never chanted before. I\'ve meditated for quite some time, so I think it\'s a little different. I noticed that the tracks are short, and so I\'m saying to myself, 'Do I set these on a playlist and repeat them?' I\'m just not sure on what to do. If for some reason I\'m not going to do it out loud, I\'m assuming that I will still get a great effect to it just by listening."
  • \"There\'s lots of people in chronic pain these days. Do you, by chance, plan to make specific audios to address these issues?\"
  • \"I really enjoyed when Javi was taking over the last year when you were on sabbatical -just a very grounded, sincere individual, and I got to meet him face to face. I haven\'t dived into the new chant program yet, but in response to what Pam was saying and the gentleman\'s question, I do find value in doing the chants silently. My husband says that I should not even be allowed to sing as part of the congregation. So, it\'s interesting if I have got a headphone or something on, but I do find definite value in there that I have appreciated different practices like kundalini yoga where you are doing chanting and going into meditation because it\'s certainly is a gateway and very grounding.\"

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