4 P’s of Practice: Passion, Persistence, Purpose and Purity – 9.7.16

John talks about how practice became the passion of his life. He talks about the 4 P’s which are passion, persistence, purpose and purity. He shared that you have to be passionate about what we do, passionate about our practice. We have to be persistent and we have to just commit with passion and persistence. The third is to have a purpose which means that we have to know what we are doing this for and if we don’t, ask. And lastly, to have purity of intention which we will find as we practice.

Some questions and comments in this coaching call:

  • “About a year ago, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had blood in my urine, I went to a doctor and he said, ‘I’ll go ahead and look’ and found a couple of small lesions in my bladder that he was pretty convinced were cancer. He set me down for surgery. In the meantime, I went online looking for something that might be helpful and I found on iAwake Deep Recovery or the program that deals with addiction. I found Deep Recovery, started playing it and playing it as much as twice a day and sometimes in the interval between being set down for surgery and going in. I went in for surgery, and the surgeon, when I awoke from surgery, said the most amazing thing – that when I went in there, there were no lesions there, there were no nodes. I don’t have cancer. The only difference between the first examination and the surgery was the Deep Recovery program. So I have been using that. I now have another identification of a terminal genetic condition called Amyloidosis and while I know that the program I am listening to is for addiction, I wonder if you have anything else in the area of healing that might be helpful to augment or replace the one that I am using?”
  • “I am 50 years old and I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD. I don’t take anything for it. I don’t take any prescription, fairly healthy, but my biggest problem is trying to focus. I started looking around because I started meditation last year. It’s helping me somewhat with my inner soul, but I’m still having difficulties besides not being focused like accepting and releasing. I was just on your website looking at your DVD or CD on releasing. Do you have anything that could help a person with ADHD?”
  • “Where do I find the recordings of the session?”
  • “I bought a lot of products from you, from iAwake, and the moment that my body is reacting with anything else coming from outside and very strong, very intense–yesterday, I did this Profound Releasing, I was just really impressed. After that, I had some blocks where I noticed that there’s something happening. I can release these and something is changing which was really great. After this session, my body is like a sponge, completely tired and I always need a rest to relax.”

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