Deepening Spiritual Life – 03.16.16

In this week’s call, John talks about what it means to be spiritually mature. He also discussed having a deepening spiritual life and his experiences. He shared his insights on three important topics below:

  1. Do you feel the presence of God in your life?
  2. Do you hear God speaking?
  3. Do you experience being an instrument or channel?

Some questions from this coaching call include:

  • “How do you cope with your latest spiritual realizations?”
  • “I have some auditory nerve damage and I am wondering whether that has any implications or the effectiveness of binaural beats?”
  • “Do you ever plan on doing anything to exchange some of the rain fall sounds with music or something else?”
  • “When I feel that I am about to pop and I use the last track to restore a certain balance and not pop, does this neutralize my growth or does it take me back to a comfortable place until I can continue enough feel that I am going to pop?”
  • “What would be the best track to help with depression?”

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